Tuesday, May 6

YES you can make $1000 a month doing surveys

no joke--it took me about a year but currently i have consistently been making over $1000 a month doing surveys, online communities, focus groups and interactive studies. it breaks down to about 35% amazon gift cards and the other 65% is either paypal, visa gift cards or checks mailed to my home. i also average about 15-20 product tests each month--most are things i would be buying anyways--dishwasher detergent, cat litter, facial products, tons of food, toilet paper--the list goes on. and some are AMAZING ones--coffee makers, vacuums, yogurt makers, bluetooth speakers.

its like christmas every day when ups or fedex pulls up!

Sunday, May 4

three-berry focaccia bliss

this is your perfect dessert! its so tart, sweet and delectable--ideal for a hot summer day. you only need a handful of ingredients and its ready in 30 minutes!

*1 10 oz portion fresh of frozen (thawed) whole-wheat pizza of bread dough
     (i just used a boboli whole wheat crust and it was perfect)

*1 Tbs. unsalted butter, melted

*1 tsp. olive oil

*1/4 c sugar

*1/4 c each of fresh blackberries, raspberries and blueberries--i used a lot more though

Friday, May 2

herbal essence hello hydration crowdtap sampling

my first crowdtap sampling!

Trying out my new herbal essence hello hydration bodywash--compliments of #crowdtap and#TheHerbalistas

you can get on our other great product samplings too by joining crowdtap!


Monday, April 28


here is a site that is fun and is purely luck of the draw. do 'quick hits' daily about brands and earn drawings for monthly gift card prizes. i find it fun, quick and worth my time. i only do the quick hits though and rarely do the challenges or more involved activities. the more active you are within each brand the more entries you receive--even so, nothing is guaranteed. one month i went all out and did as many extra point activities possible to increase my odds and that was the one month i got zilch so i am leery now of investing all that effort again. so far i have won gift cards 3 out of the 4 months i have been active. granted they are only $5 amazon or walmart gift cards but it only takes me minutes a day. one month i won 4 gift cards total! the key is to do your quick hits everyday so they don't accumulate and get overwhelming.

crowdtap also does product sampling--however i have yet to be accepted into any! and i believe you can only register with them through Facebook.

sign up! http://home.crowdtap.com

right now you can sign up through this link http://ctap.it/jointruvia and instantly get a free Truvia sample!

Thursday, April 24

Purex Crystals Dryer Sheets review and giveaway!


Take a deep breath and experience the freshness of Purex Crystals Dryer Sheets.

Who knew one tiny sheet could do so much?

Seriously, i whip one of these sheets out and my house whole smells amazing--and it scents your freshly cleaned laundry for an ENTIRE MONTH! I love a whole lotta scent in my house and laundry  and this stuff does the work of 5 plug in diffusers!

Now here is the bonus--it even repels pet hair and lint! I have 2 cats and the lint roller is practically my third child--we use it constantly! anything that will minimize all that hair clinging to our clothes is a must-have for me. I even stuck one by the fish aquarium and by the cat litter box for an extra burst of freshness.

Tuesday, April 22


buy an ordinary magazine holder and now you have the perfect storage container for all your hair styling tools! i bought mine from ikea. it neatly houses my style tools--prior they would be all tangled up together in a drawer!

voila! its easy, takes up hardly any space and now your hair gadgets look cute and organized.

Tuesday, April 15

FREE MONEY with Ebates!

this one is a no-brainer. if you do any shopping online AT ALL you need to sign up with ebates. i just joined 2 yrs ago and already have earned over $700 CASH! its free and all you do is go to ebates first and then go to the retailer site through their link--thats it! i highly recommend you install the ebates toolbar on your computer because then it automatically will activate cash back and you don't have to bother with going to ebates first. when i didn't have it on my toolbar i often forgot to activate it and lost out on lots of free cash. now i never miss an opportunity.
they also have lots of coupon codes listed for each participating retailer so you also can check those out to save even more. tons of retailers are part of the ebates program--target, kohl's, gap, old navy, priceline, rakuten, drugstore.com.....just about everyone! sadly zappos is not part and only a few categories in amazon.com.
they pay you 4 times a year and you have your choice of paypal, check or amazon gift card. click my link below to sign up!

click this link to join ebates today!

here is proof of my current earnings so far!

Monday, April 14

Mediterranean dinner!

here is a recipe i stumbled across and it turned out to be a definite hit with the family!

very easy and can be made early in the day and refrigerated until you are ready to cook it. the original recipe calls for 'smoked paprika' and i only had regular paprika but otherwise i followed the recipe faithfully.

you just need chicken, tomatoes (yellow and red), cilantro, lemons, cannelloni beans, and the usual herbs and spices. the avocado yogurt sauce was a nice addition but my kids didn't like it.
i served it with whole grain pita and couscous.

Wednesday, April 9

SurveySavvy Review


surveysavvy has quickly become one of my biggest money makers! Yes, you do have to install their savvyconnect on your computer and phone (i realize some people have privacy issues with these types of applications) but once it's downloaded and active--huge paying opportunities will come your way!

Thursday, April 3

Best 7 minute workout video EVER!

The Scientific 7 Minute Workout

since i had major open abdominal surgery in december, i have not worked out AT ALL since my body needed to heal--even a sneeze hurt for months!

now i feel its time to ease into an exercise routine and i discovered this outrageous version of the much hyped scientific 7 minute workout. there are many versions of this on youtube but this one really makes the minutes go fast---check it out if you need to fit in a quick workout in your day---because some exercise is better than none!

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