Tuesday, July 15

Snuggle Bear Den Community---Free To Join!

Snuggle Bear Den Community is accepting new members!
Be the first to try and discover new products, content and offers. Share your thoughts with friends to earn points, badges and more!

Monday, July 14

Foxbrim 100% Pure Organic Argan Oil Review


My take:

Argan Oils seem to be the latest beauty craze so I was thrilled to finally try one myself. What most impressed me is how versatile this little bottle is. Nails, hair, skin, face---a few drops can be beneficial to just about every part of you!

Thursday, July 10

OneOpinion Review

i have mixed feelings about this site. on the positive side---their customer service is second to none. prompt responses to any issues, credits made to incentive errors-- no questions asked, and probably my biggest source of Invoke interactive studies (typically 60-90 min. online sessions that pay anywhere from $20-$50).

Monday, July 7

Middle Eastern Kabobs With Tomato Relish

Kabobs Recipe

Ingredients: (makes 6 kabobs)

1 lb. skinless, boneless chicken breasts, cut into 1 inch pieces

1/4 c. plain low-fat yogurt

1 TB. lemon juice

1 ts. dry mustard

Friday, July 4

USA Talk Now Review

This canadian based site has quickly become one of my favs. they do not offer paypal but do offer amazon in $10 increments. although the surveys themselves are only average paying, they offer many focus group opportunities (which pay in cash!). better yet, the majority of the online focus group screening questions do not ask when your last focus group was so you can qualify for several within a 3 month period! i can easily qualify for at least one online project a month which can pay anywhere from $30-$75. itracks actually is behind usatalknow and they are a major online research company.

Tuesday, July 1

Loreal product testing!

i love this company! join today to be a part of their consumer testing program. it's free and fun.
i joined 2 years ago and have done 6 product tests already. they send you a product (usually 2 to compare), and after 1 or 2 wks you just need to fill out a survey about it---that's it.

Saturday, June 28

E-poll Survey Review

i certainly don't get rich from this site, averaging just $5-$10 paypal per month but epoll is still fun and fresh compared to other sites.
practically all of my surveys involve watching a pilot episode of a new reality tv show. some are 45 minutes, others just 20. afterwards you give your opinion on the concept, pace and characters and how likely you would watch the program if and when it aired.
it's actually quite entertaining and i love getting a 'sneak peek' and sharing my opinions about a show that hasn't even aired yet. if you like reality tv definitely check them out.

payment does take several weeks but you can cash out for paypal once you reach $5.

here is the link to sign up!


Wednesday, June 25

Ology From Walgreens--For a Happier, Healthier Home.

Walgreens has launched a whole new line of healthier, more environmentally products called ology. in fact, you won't find any of these ingredients in the product line:
*chlorine bleach
*nonylphenol ethoxylates

Sunday, June 22

Become a product tester for McCormick!

i love being a part of this site. every 3 months you are eligible to take a short screener and qualify to test one of McCormick's newest products. they send you the product, even supply a recipe or two, and even PAY you $10-$20 in amazon gift cards once the study is complete. all you need to do is fill out a survey about your experience.

additionally, they even have bonus activities--make a collage or video about the test product and possibly earn an additional incentive.

Thursday, June 19

American Consumer Opinion Panel-ACOP

American Consumer Opinion Panel/ACOP

this is another one of my main sites. they pay in paypal or check and you only have to reach $10 for a payout. they do lots of small screener surveys for 5-20 pts. which is great since you never start a survey and then get disqualified with zero compensation like most other companies.
they also are GLOBAL--anyone can join!
the topics and format are unique and a change of pace from other sites as well. i also have done special project diarys which were super easy to complete.  i can easily make $15 a month from them but be warned--payouts do take FOREVER to receive.
still, they are a constant contributor for me and you too should add them.

click HERE to join ACOP now!

Tuesday, June 17

Checkout 51

my friend just recently introduced me to this app/site. i had been a huge fan of Endorse, which sadly shut its doors a while back. i use ibotta occasionally but my regional grocery store (schnucks) doesn't support it. Checkout 51 can be used with ANY retailer which makes it a winner with me! in fact you can buy from ANY retailer (even online!) as long as you have a validated receipt.

similar to the others, you simply check off their promoted items that you bought that week and then upload your receipt. easy as pie. i have made $7 in just the few weeks i joined. every week they have at least one 'generic' item like milk, eggs or bananas so that's easy money. once you hit $20 you cash out and they mail you a check.

available for iOS devices, android and online through their website. united states and canada.

give them a try!

Saturday, June 14

shopalong mobile app

Shopalong is a mobile community where you get paid for completing fun and rewarding assignments at places you shop every day.

you can bring them along on your next shopping trip and earn rewards (typically $5-$50)!

they typically pick certain shopping occasions--back to school, black friday, mothers day, spring etc... and ask you to pick the initial budget you have in mind. then you just log all your purchases until the project ends--easy-peezy!

i made $45 for just logging in my spring home improvement purchases (submitting receipts, answering short surveys and taking pics) over a 6 wk period. it took minutes and it was fun! better yet, it even logs all your purchases so you can see if you went over or under your initial budget!

join today! available on iOS and android.

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