Monday, May 21

Be An Online Juror For JuryTest.

i just did my first case with this site, JuryTest. i don't even recall when i signed up so my guess is this is an infrequent money-maker. even so, the case took me 3 hours (1 hr listening to the plaintiff's case, 1 hr listening to the defendant's case, and about 1 hr answering a bunch of questions afterwards--multiple choice and open-ended. a lot of time but it did pay $90 so i felt it was completely worth it!

it must have been the exception to land such a high paying case since their own FAQ's states the following in regards to payments:

You will be paid well for your time, and your overall payment depends on the length of the case, the type of feedback you provide, and in some cases, the speed of your response time. You will know how much you will be paid ahead of time and can choose to accept or decline the case. Payments will likely range from between $5 per case to $50 per case for more complicated and involved cases. Occasionally, you will be offered the opportunity to sit on additional cases for no fee. There will be a few options you have for payment, including written check and paypal. If you have additional suggestions for method of payment, please let us know. We want to make this is quick and easy for you as possible.

the case was also from the same city/state i live in so i expect you need to be in the same geographic location as the case to be considered.

if you would like to register to be an online juror sign up here!

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