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Thursday, July 6

Daily Goodie Box--Free Stuff for your Feedback

i actually discovered daily goodie box through a swagbucks offer. seems simple enough--sign up, get goodies and give your feedback. no shipping costs or credit card EVER NEEDED. i just signed up myself so i can't vouch for what kind of things you get or how often you receive items but people seem pleased on their fb page.

simply sign up here: and start getting your goodies! 

Friday, April 24

Bing Rewards

UPDATE! sadly i have been banned from bing rewards. they detected i was using bot software. so i will say if you chose to use a bot please proceed with caution and know you many likely get banned as well. rewards are very slow without using a bot though :(

oh, how i wish i had jumped on the bing rewards train sooner! i just started 2 weeks ago and already cashed in for a $5 amazon! it's really super easy to rack up the points. bing actually pays you in points for searches! every single day. you can earn 15 pts daily for computer searches, 10 pts daily for mobile searches and then they always throw in a bonus search or two to make it fun. typically every 2 searches equals 1 pt. i immediately found this way too time consuming so i did some digging and found there are bots out there designed to do all the searching for you and they are free! i am sure it would be easy for bing to shut this practice down but i guess numbers are numbers and that is what bing is going for to irritate rival google. every morning i log in and click on the bonus search and then i use this bot site that automatically does all my searches for me! check it out here:

Monday, April 20

RewardSurvey--Get Free Magazines!

i don't know how i didn't know about this site! answer surveys that take no longer than 5 minutes and instantly be rewarded with a magazine credit. so far i have taken 4 surveys and earned $60 in magazine rewards!!! keep in mind the $60 took about only about 15 minutes of my time TOTAL. 

Friday, January 16

Nieto Research

want free diapers? then sign up for Nieto Research! they are a research company based out of atlanta that product tests diapers and feminine products.

if chosen for a study they will send you free diapers to test out and all you need to do is fill out a diaper log tracking your use and then a final follow up survey. there is no additional compensation, only the test product. diapers are expensive and this is a great way to get free ones for just minutes of your time each day.  i love free product for your opinion!

sign up below!

Monday, November 24

PINCHme!--Get Free Stuff!

this site is all about grabbing samples QUICK but for free. afterwards, you get the samples mailed to you and receive a quick survey about your opinions a few weeks later. it's a great site but the samples go fast so you need to respond ASAP when you get the email that new monthly samples have launched. i have scored many full size nail polishes, trial sized shampoos/conditioners, and k-cups.

overall, it's pretty effortless but you have to be fast because the site is catching on and they run out if you wait.

Join me today!

Tuesday, November 18

Snap By Groupon Review


yes, yet another cash back shopping app has entered the arena! this one is called Snap and it's from Groupon. like checkout51, every retailer qualifies so that's a definite plus. the app is available for iOS and android devices and like the others, requires you to take a snapshot of your receipt and then check off the items you want to redeem.

Monday, October 6

Arm & Hammer Baking Soda!

It's back to school, back to routines and the perfect time to grab some Arm & Hammer Pure Baking Soda to keep your house clean, fresh and deodorized!

Arm yourself with ARM & HAMMER Baking Soda--the smart solution for all your BTS and cleaning challenges. It's truly the little orange box that could!

Tuesday, September 16

walmart savings catcher review

UPDATE #2! sadly the bluebird doubling has ended :( 
we can only hope they bring it back in the future.

UPDATE! i just learned you can get an american express bluebird card and DOUBLE your savings catcher rewards! it was super easy to do too. i just applied for the bluebird card (its not a credit card but kind of like a prepaid card) and they mailed it to me. i then transferred my $18 in savings catcher to the card and it doubled to $36. definitely take advantage of this offer!

OMG this is genius! everyone MUST download this app and take advantage of what walmart is offering.

simply put---shop at walmart, scan your receipt, walmart then does all the price checking for you--they actually compare their prices against all the nearby competitors printed and digital sales ads--and if someone had an item cheaper you get credited the difference! how easy is that?

Tuesday, September 2

Ebates--I still cannot believe this site is for real!

I still cannot believe I have earned over $800 from this site--because I didn't do ANYTHING! I buy what I usually buy online--amazon, ebay, kohl's, gap, target, walmart, practically any online retailer you can think of--and i just make sure to click the ebates link before I complete my order. THAT'S IT.

And this is real cash--put in my paypal account 4 times a year. It truly is easy, free money with zero work. If you are one of the few that haven't discovered this goldmine---sign up today and starting making money while you shop!

Tuesday, July 15

Snuggle Bear Den Community---Free To Join!

Snuggle Bear Den Community is accepting new members!
Be the first to try and discover new products, content and offers. Share your thoughts with friends to earn points, badges and more!

Tuesday, June 17

Checkout 51

my friend just recently introduced me to this app/site. i had been a huge fan of Endorse, which sadly shut its doors a while back. i use ibotta occasionally but my regional grocery store (schnucks) doesn't support it. Checkout 51 can be used with ANY retailer which makes it a winner with me! in fact you can buy from ANY retailer (even online!) as long as you have a validated receipt.

similar to the others, you simply check off their promoted items that you bought that week and then upload your receipt. easy as pie. i have made $7 in just the few weeks i joined. every week they have at least one 'generic' item like milk, eggs or bananas so that's easy money. once you hit $20 you cash out and they mail you a check.

available for iOS devices, android and online through their website. united states and canada.

give them a try!

Wednesday, June 4

Influenster TLCVoxBox!

SCORE! i was lucky enough to be chosen to receive a special TLCVoxBox especially for moms. look at all the useful goodies packed inside!

first up---Avon Anew Reversalist wrinkle smoother!

Wednesday, May 21


Samplesource is a freebie site with no strings attached! 3 times a year they send you an email saying a new shipment is available and you just log in and claim one--thats it!

samples go quickly so DO NOT HESITATE when you get that email!
here is a pic of my last sample source box---some great stuff and all i did was answer an email and confirm my shipment!

sign up and get in on the next sample pack!

Sunday, May 11

Become a Purex Insider!

okay, i am a newbie here but i am loving it so far! first off, you need to have a blog to be eligible. once you have the blog it is great product tests--just submit your honest review on your blog and report it back to purex. they highly encourage giveaways and give you extra stuff as prizes. i just hosted my first giveaway and used zero clue as to what i was doing but it was super easy and free!  the site is very community based and a great place to make connections as well. highly recommend!

Invitation link to become a Purex Insider

Monday, April 28


here is a site that is fun and is purely luck of the draw. do 'quick hits' daily about brands and earn drawings for monthly gift card prizes. i find it fun, quick and worth my time. i only do the quick hits though and rarely do the challenges or more involved activities. the more active you are within each brand the more entries you receive--even so, nothing is guaranteed. one month i went all out and did as many extra point activities possible to increase my odds and that was the one month i got zilch so i am leery now of investing all that effort again. so far i have won gift cards 3 out of the 4 months i have been active. granted they are only $5 amazon or walmart gift cards but it only takes me minutes a day. one month i won 4 gift cards total! the key is to do your quick hits everyday so they don't accumulate and get overwhelming.

crowdtap also does product sampling--however i have yet to be accepted into any! and i believe you can only register with them through Facebook.

sign up!

right now you can sign up through this link and instantly get a free Truvia sample!

Tuesday, April 15

FREE MONEY with Ebates!

this one is a no-brainer. if you do any shopping online AT ALL you need to sign up with ebates. i just joined 2 yrs ago and already have earned over $700 CASH! its free and all you do is go to ebates first and then go to the retailer site through their link--thats it! i highly recommend you install the ebates toolbar on your computer because then it automatically will activate cash back and you don't have to bother with going to ebates first. when i didn't have it on my toolbar i often forgot to activate it and lost out on lots of free cash. now i never miss an opportunity.
they also have lots of coupon codes listed for each participating retailer so you also can check those out to save even more. tons of retailers are part of the ebates program--target, kohl's, gap, old navy, priceline, rakuten, about everyone! sadly zappos is not part and only a few categories in
they pay you 4 times a year and you have your choice of paypal, check or amazon gift card. click my link below to sign up!

click this link to join ebates today!

here is proof of my current earnings so far!

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