Friday, April 24

Bing Rewards

UPDATE! sadly i have been banned from bing rewards. they detected i was using bot software. so i will say if you chose to use a bot please proceed with caution and know you many likely get banned as well. rewards are very slow without using a bot though :(

oh, how i wish i had jumped on the bing rewards train sooner! i just started 2 weeks ago and already cashed in for a $5 amazon! it's really super easy to rack up the points. bing actually pays you in points for searches! every single day. you can earn 15 pts daily for computer searches, 10 pts daily for mobile searches and then they always throw in a bonus search or two to make it fun. typically every 2 searches equals 1 pt. i immediately found this way too time consuming so i did some digging and found there are bots out there designed to do all the searching for you and they are free! i am sure it would be easy for bing to shut this practice down but i guess numbers are numbers and that is what bing is going for to irritate rival google. every morning i log in and click on the bonus search and then i use this bot site that automatically does all my searches for me! check it out here:

you also can get points for mobile searches each day. again, i am lazy and use the bot for this as well. i actually utilize a 'user agent' on my laptop that mimics a mobile phone and then still use the same bot site. my mac has a user agent built in so it's super easy but there are many free user agent downloads out there for non-mac users.

technically, bing says you are allowed 5 accounts per household but i have read a lot of reddit stories of people with multiple accounts getting banned when it comes time to cash out so just be cautious. i just have 2---one for me and one for my husband. you do need to create a microsoft account for each user. i also immediately redeemed each account for a single sweepstakes entry as soon as i could just to ensure i wouldn't run into trouble when it came to amazon redemption time. you do need a mobile phone to get a validation code for redemptions. 

so between the 2 accounts i am making about 55 pts total daily and a $5 amazon is only 475 pts once you hit gold status (hitting gold status should only take you about a month with 2 accounts) so that is at minimum $15 in amazon every month or $180 in amazon a year---FOR DOING NEARLY NOTHING!

-and they offer many other rewards as well---here is just a small sampling of their options:

you really don't want to waste another day not earning this easy money! i SO WISH i started doing this when it started.

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