Sunday, April 26 $30 Sign Up Bonus or SCAM?


did more digging and definitely do not feel good about this one. i looked up the domain 
on and it received a trust score of '0' (the lowest score possible), is based out of the ukraine, is only 2 months old and the owner of the site is using a service to hide their identity---all huge red flags. i would stay far away!!

i just discovered this site. i couldn't believe a legit survey company would be offering $30 just to sign up so i immediately signed up of course and decided to check it out.

i notice the 'surveys' involve watching short videos and answering about 10 general questions about them and they pay you $14 for each one! you are allowed 3 per day so that is $42 a day for about 10 minutes of work. still thinking i am missing something here.

then i notice the catch----the minimum payout threshold is $500. well alrighty then. at least it is paypal. so doing the math: $30 to start plus $42 a day equals about 11 days till payout---that still seems way too good to be true. you can get there even quicker with referrals. this site is so new i can't find any reviews on it yet but they seem to have just started up this year.

i still have a difficult time believing a legit site could be giving this much money away so i am proceeding cautiously. i know i am kidding myself if i think it's possible for a company to pay out this much money for such little work. if anyone out there has actually been paid please let me know! until then i will plug along and not give them any of my paypal info until i hear about a legit payout.

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