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Sunday, January 1

The Amazing Amount This Homemaker Earned Online in 2016 From Surveys, Communities and Focus Groups.

it's time to reveal my total online income for 2016 and my top ten earners.
total amount earned in 2016:

that averages out to:
$1,450 a month
$334 a week
$47.69 a day

of that, $11,311 (65%) was CASH, either in the form of a check mailed to me, a visa prepaid card or paypal deposit. the remainder (35%) was in gift cards--primarily amazon but some walmart, target and whole foods.

top 10 survey sites:
no. 1 swagbucks $981 my biggest earner but i also spend the most time here. my tips here. also note jan. is the site's slowest month--earnings pick up in feb.
no. 2 vocalpointvoice $425 (invite only. you need to get a recruit survey through another panel.)
no. 3 gtm $335
no. 4 mintvine $330
no. 5 resolution panel/usatalknow $301
no. 6 surveysavvy $292 must download their software for optimal earnings.
no. 7 productreportcard  $260
no. 8 innopoll $255
no. 9 ipoll $245 i don't recommend them now since SSI bought them. my earnings plummeted.
no. 10 parentspeak/kidzeyes $237

just these 10 sites generated over $3,600 income in one year! if you don't have 9 hrs a day to devote to this i highly suggest you just start out with these and start getting a routine down. 3 yrs. ago when i started all this to earn a bit of extra money i worked at it all month and earned a whopping $159. and back then i thought that was good! but every month i made a bit more and every month i worked a bit smarter---now i always make between $1200-$2000 a month--and that is sizable income for a homemaker! obviously this can't compete with a real job but it is great income considering i never have to leave the house, never have to pay for childcare and can truly pick and choose exactly what work i want to do so i am always available for our boys. plus it gives me something to do all day when they are in school!

Thursday, December 29

Do You Fish? Be A Field Tester Of Fishing Lures!

whether you are a professional or weekend angler, field test fishing is looking for fishermen (and women!) to test fishing lures and tackle---all for free!

Have you every wondered how fisherman receive free lures and fishing gear?  

At Field Test Fishing, we help make it happen!  How? By joining our Field Test Team, you have the opportunity to receive and test fishing lures.  Membership is absolutely free.  All that we ask is that you interact with us by answering a few questions and providing feedback on your experience.  We would also really appreciate if you follow us on social media, like/follow us and refer us to a fishing 

Field Test Fishing has weekly give-a-ways, through our Facebook and other social media outlets.  Once you sign-up, we will email you additional information, a link to our member website and how to enter our weekly give-a-ways.

Lures and gear are provided as available.   Currently, we can only provide fishing gear to the lower 48 States (U.S.), but hope to expand in the future. 

you can also check out their fb page .
happy fishing!

Tuesday, September 13

Become A Food Product Tester For A Major Brand!

i have reviewed Mccormick's consumer testing site before but i just recently was accepted into a new study and thought i would mention them again for folks that may not have heard of them before.

i love being a part of this site. every 3 months you are eligible to take a short screener and qualify to test one of McCormick's newest products. they send you the product, even supply a recipe or two, and even PAY you $10-$20 in amazon gift cards once the study is complete. all you need to do is fill out a survey about your experience. you do not need to physically visit their facility--although there are even more opportunities if you can drive to either their baltimore or new orleans locations.

additionally, they even have bonus activities--make a collage or video about the test product and possibly earn an additional incentive.

they also have non-product test surveys periodically that offer a chance at winning amazon gift cards.

in addition to the regular compensation for testing products i have already won $25 for a collage submission and $10 for a survey raffle.

like some other sites though, often i do not receive an email for an upcoming project---so it's best to bookmark them and check once a week or so for opportunities.

even if you aren't big into surveys, if you like to cook and try new products this site is for you!

sign up below:

Saturday, January 30

Target's Online Review Program is Looking for New Members!


focus pointe global has a division called STARS that involves having registrants receive products sold at Target in exchange for an honest review at so far i have only been accepted for two product trials: one was a nice youth bedding set and the other was uniform pants. of course i got to keep the products and writing the reviews took only about 30 minutes total. also know that there is no monetary compensation--the incentive is the merchandise.

here is one of my actual reviews:

Monday, January 11

Guys That Groom: A Product Testing Site For Men!

GuysThatGroom is the only panel in America where REAL men give REAL opinions on REAL grooming products -- and get rewarded for it!

the Pink Panel has rolled out a new product testing for MEN called Guys That Groom. i love the pink panel--i have been able to test a few products from them and you get to keep the product PLUS they usually throw in an amazon gc. if you are a guy or if you want to sign up your significant other---here is the link: guys that groom

i also highly recommend liking their fb page to easily locate all current studies.

hope everyone qualifies for some great product tests!

Friday, January 1

The Surprising Amount I Earned Online In 2015.

another great online earning year! i keep good records of all my online earnings and for 2015 i made a grand total of:


that's $1,278.27 a month

or $42.61 a day

to further break it down:

71% cash/check/paypal:

29% giftcards(usually walmart or amazon): 

granted, this is nothing compared to when i was working full time but it is great income for a homemaker! back then i was paying $460 PER WEEK for childcare, working many nights and weekends and nearly every holiday. also add in the cost of gas, work clothes and meals. now i am making decent money and am always home for my family (but admittedly on my laptop a lot!)

i also looked up my top 15 earners for last year. now keep in mind, i belong to over 100 sites, which includes survey companies, research panels, mobile apps and online communities--some only earning me $20 over the course of a year and others earning nearly $1000. the higher paying focus groups and online communities came about through invites through my regular survey taking sites or filling out an endless amount of screeners. here are my top survey site earners for the year:

Wednesday, November 11

TestAmerica. Take Studies and Taste Tests at your Local Mall.

located in over 30 of the country's most popular malls, test america is an easy way to earn extra cash. check out their locations and see if there is a test america near you!

Tuesday, September 22

Sign Up With General Mills Advisory Panel!

did you know General Mills has their own survey panel? it is open to US residents ages 18 or over.

it is a panel you won't hear much from but it is always a nice surprise when you do. lots of potential for online focus groups and webcam discussions that pay $75 on average. rewards are paid in amazon codes.

honestly i only hear from them about 4x a year and do not qualify for most of the nice paying projects.
maybe you will have better luck than me!

Saturday, July 11

Like Puzzles? Become a Product Tester for Ravensburger! Apply by 7/26/15.

do you like puzzles? want to be a product reviewer for Ravensburger, famous for their superlative 3D landmark puzzles? just apply here:

from the site:

Thursday, May 28

Join Johnson & Johnson's Online Community!

join this family friendly research panel from Johnson & Johnson Company. i don't seem to have very much activity on this panel but recently i was given a product to test (and keep) and to make that deal even sweeter they also threw in $10 for my participation!

i especially think households with infants would get many opportunities to test their products. sign up is simple and then you can just wait for emails!

good luck!

Wednesday, March 11

Be A Tester For Electronic Products!


if you like testing out phone cases and screen protectors, USB ports and chargers or bluetooth speakers (just to name a few) then definitely register at these 3 sites.

they ship you the product for free (or in some cases they give you an amazon code where you just pay $1). the product is yours to keep and all they want in return is an honest review, usually on amazon but sometimes also on newegg, rakuten or their own webpage.

Friday, January 16

Nieto Research

want free diapers? then sign up for Nieto Research! they are a research company based out of atlanta that product tests diapers and feminine products.

if chosen for a study they will send you free diapers to test out and all you need to do is fill out a diaper log tracking your use and then a final follow up survey. there is no additional compensation, only the test product. diapers are expensive and this is a great way to get free ones for just minutes of your time each day.  i love free product for your opinion!

sign up below!

Friday, September 5

The Pink Panel

if you are interested in testing out beauty products and sharing your opinion then definitely sign up for the pinkpanel!
this is a great site for product testing. i have tested anti-aging creams and serums and have gotten PAID (sometimes a check, sometimes an amazon gift card) on top of receiving the products for free. they have frequent screeners for upcoming projects but i noticed i don't always get an email so make sure you like them on fb as well to be in the loop for all open projects.

Sign up with the pinkpanel today!

Tuesday, July 1

Loreal product testing!

i love this company! join today to be a part of their consumer testing program. it's free and fun.
i joined 2 years ago and have done 6 product tests already. they send you a product (usually 2 to compare), and after 1 or 2 wks you just need to fill out a survey about it---that's it.

Sunday, June 22

Become a product tester for McCormick!

i love being a part of this site. every 3 months you are eligible to take a short screener and qualify to test one of McCormick's newest products. they send you the product, even supply a recipe or two, and even PAY you $10-$20 in amazon gift cards once the study is complete. all you need to do is fill out a survey about your experience.

additionally, they even have bonus activities--make a collage or video about the test product and possibly earn an additional incentive.

Sunday, May 11

Become a Purex Insider!

okay, i am a newbie here but i am loving it so far! first off, you need to have a blog to be eligible. once you have the blog it is great product tests--just submit your honest review on your blog and report it back to purex. they highly encourage giveaways and give you extra stuff as prizes. i just hosted my first giveaway and used zero clue as to what i was doing but it was super easy and free!  the site is very community based and a great place to make connections as well. highly recommend!

Invitation link to become a Purex Insider

Monday, April 28


here is a site that is fun and is purely luck of the draw. do 'quick hits' daily about brands and earn drawings for monthly gift card prizes. i find it fun, quick and worth my time. i only do the quick hits though and rarely do the challenges or more involved activities. the more active you are within each brand the more entries you receive--even so, nothing is guaranteed. one month i went all out and did as many extra point activities possible to increase my odds and that was the one month i got zilch so i am leery now of investing all that effort again. so far i have won gift cards 3 out of the 4 months i have been active. granted they are only $5 amazon or walmart gift cards but it only takes me minutes a day. one month i won 4 gift cards total! the key is to do your quick hits everyday so they don't accumulate and get overwhelming.

crowdtap also does product sampling--however i have yet to be accepted into any! and i believe you can only register with them through Facebook.

sign up!

right now you can sign up through this link and instantly get a free Truvia sample!

Monday, March 3

get buzzing with buzzagent!

if you haven't already, sign up with bzzagent. this company doesn't pay but they have several 'campaigns' that you can be selected for and test out a new product! the product is yours to keep and all you need to do is 'spread the buzz' about it in reviews and social media.

to date i have received several toys, air fresheners, coffee, toothpaste, yogurt, and hair color---all for FREE! they give you a 'score' that rates your activity level so its important to check in periodically and keep up to date with new profile questions and quick pre-screener surveys. and when you do qualify for a campaign they often send you lots of extra coupons to share with family and friends as well. definitely worthwhile!

Saturday, March 1

smiley360 review—Be Heard. Be Happy.

this company doesn't pay but it does offer great product test trials in exchange for reviews and spreading the word--click link to join!—Be Heard. Be Happy.

Tuesday, February 18

Join this site--good for product testing!

one of the best sites for product testing!

this site is a decent one. not a whole lot of invites but of many of the ones you do get lead to good product tests.

i get a great deal of product tests from them---mostly cat litter, makeup and personal care products.


click link to sign up!

most surveys pay 1000 pts. and if you score a product test that adds up to 2000 pts. (1000 for the qualifying screener and then 1000 for the follow up survey). when you hit 20,000 pts, or typically 20 surveys, you can request a $20 check.

don't miss signing up with this one!

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