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The Amazing Amount This Homemaker Earned Online in 2016 From Surveys, Communities and Focus Groups.

it's time to reveal my total online income for 2016 and my top ten earners.
total amount earned in 2016:

that averages out to:
$1,450 a month
$334 a week
$47.69 a day

of that, $11,311 (65%) was CASH, either in the form of a check mailed to me, a visa prepaid card or paypal deposit. the remainder (35%) was in gift cards--primarily amazon but some walmart, target and whole foods.

top 10 survey sites:
no. 1 swagbucks $981 my biggest earner but i also spend the most time here. my tips here. also note jan. is the site's slowest month--earnings pick up in feb.
no. 2 vocalpointvoice $425 (invite only. you need to get a recruit survey through another panel.)
no. 3 gtm $335
no. 4 mintvine $330
no. 5 resolution panel/usatalknow $301
no. 6 surveysavvy $292 must download their software for optimal earnings.
no. 7 productreportcard  $260
no. 8 innopoll $255
no. 9 ipoll $245 i don't recommend them now since SSI bought them. my earnings plummeted.
no. 10 parentspeak/kidzeyes $237

just these 10 sites generated over $3,600 income in one year! if you don't have 9 hrs a day to devote to this i highly suggest you just start out with these and start getting a routine down. 3 yrs. ago when i started all this to earn a bit of extra money i worked at it all month and earned a whopping $159. and back then i thought that was good! but every month i made a bit more and every month i worked a bit smarter---now i always make between $1200-$2000 a month--and that is sizable income for a homemaker! obviously this can't compete with a real job but it is great income considering i never have to leave the house, never have to pay for childcare and can truly pick and choose exactly what work i want to do so i am always available for our boys. plus it gives me something to do all day when they are in school!

i earned income from 117 different sites/companies!
and i abandoned a few sites along the way. the sites that i ultimately decided weren't worth it for me:

perk-what was once one of my biggest earners just doesn't get it done for me anymore.
my survey--surveys too long, rewards too small. plus the same surveys will be at gtm for more $.
ipoll-completely downhill since SSI bought them.
sendearnings-not nearly as good as their sister site, inbox dollars.
surveyspot-opinion outpost is so much better and offers the same surveys for twice the pay.

don't underestimate the value of joining online communities. there are various ones--c space, my-take, vision critical, ipsos, to name just a few. in 2016 i belonged to 29 communities and earned $2656 in 2016 from them alone, not to mention several quality product tests i was able to keep. always join every community you are invited to. once you learn the lay of the land you can always decide to unsubscribe if it simply is not worth the work. believe me, i have quit many communities that just didn't offer enough compensation for the work they expected.

shopping apps.
i use 9 shopping apps consistently. it takes me 10 minutes to scan every grocery receipt and it definitely can be a pain at times. but all those minutes added up to $378! here is my breakdown for the year:

1. receiptpal $103: easily my biggest earner.
2. walmart savings catcher $57
3. checkout 51 $52
4. receipt hog $50
5. yaarlo $38: not sure if i would recommend this one now. things are changing there in 2017.
6. ibotta $33: i know this is very low compared to others--but a lot of my stores aren't on the app.
7. find & save $31
8. gambeal $11:this one just started and will be a big earner for me in 2017.
9. mobisave $4: yes, it's only $4. but it's instant paypal--i love getting those emails of a deposit!

video based research sites
if you are not shy in front of the camera and are comfortable recording video answers then you must take advantage of the new face of marketing research--the video answer app. they pay much better than traditional survey sites but they also expect more. articulate, robust answers, good lighting and sound, eye contact and overall preparedness. it's public speaking class all over again! i make a huge chunk of my earnings from these sites. here are my top ones.

1. mindswarms
2. dscout
3. vidlet
4. vcn

top focus group companies:
i have registered with probably 150 various focus group panels. some i may not get a call or email all year. but even if i score only 1 study every year or two with each company-- that is a $100-$200 study---and those hourly rates are outstanding. that is why i register with every single focus group i can find. these were my top earners:

-focus forward (also called survey squad now)
-focus pointe global

-invoke interactive sessions: i made $300 from invokes alone. the thing is you cannot simply sign up with them--they randomly pop up through other survey sites--most notably mintvine, opinion outpost and swagbucks. they are scheduled for a later date and last about 90 minutes, usually for $35.
-finally, i highly recommend bookmarking my good friend's site, coolworkideas. he is always posting the latest studies and screeners for nationwide focus groups!

product tests:
maybe you are more about getting free stuff. well there are sites that definitely are more geared towards product test surveys. here are my top sites for product testing along with my cash earnings for the year.

one opinion $220
opinion outpost $160
pinecone research $153
my opinion now $100
i-say research $95

with these companies i have received countless food products, cat food/litter, cleaning products, makeup/beauty items and tons of paper towels and toilet paper!

summary: my goal for 2017 is to break the 20k mark. this girl got a new computer for xmas so now i can finally work on one computer all day and have the other one be semi-passive playing videos and trailers. i also am going to try to get in the groove of the whole mechanical turk thing--i have tried 3 times now to make it a regular part of my repertoire but it just doesn't happen--yet for some of the peeps i know it is their biggest earner by far. 

happy earning everyone!


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