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How I Make $100 Every Month With Swagbucks.

last year i made a post on how i earn $100 a month from swagbucks. well, the site has changed so much since then i felt it was time for an updated post on exactly how i make swagbucks work for me in 2017.

as soon as i wake up i turn on my phone to swagbuck videos. this will earn you 10 sbs. this takes AWHILE. it is best if you have a second phone for this.

then i go to their sister apps that also play videos for points. i use lifestylz, indymusic and entertainow. this will get me 10 sbs. for each app.

i start running ncraves on my computer. they are tricky now and many videos require you to have your cursor on the page--making you a prisoner on the page and not able to do other things. i try to avoid those videos that have that message and there are usually some that don't.

whichever videos you choose make sure you pick ones that auto play--make sure the box is checked and your playlist has the blue circle indicating it can auto-play.


                                 WATCH-NCRAVES-FIND ONES WITH BLUE CIRCLES

now just check these every 20 minutes or so and keep running them. some days there will be NONE. if that's the case try a different browser or just check back in an hour. i find nothing is permanent when it comes to ncraves.

my next task is always the radium one videos. i open 5 tabs at once and play them until they are all gone. some days there will be lots, like over 25 and other days i am lucky to snag 5.

DISCOVER-RADIUM ONE-sort low payout to high-click on all the 1pt videos.

next step--check surveys--both gold and peanut. i will click every gold survey that DOES NOT have the purple 'i' . that is because many of them will auto disqualify you and you instantly earn a  1 pt. (up to 5 daily). same with peanut surveys, but with them there is no limit to dnq pts.

i will visit the surveys many times through out the day and always try to score a quick 5-10 minute one.

next order of business--check off your checklist!
you get a few bonus pts if you do at least 6/8 but you get even more bonus pts. if you complete all 8/8. daily watch is done from the phone videos, daily discover is done with the radium one videos and attempt a survey is done when you disqualify. so just click on the poll, daily crave (different from the auto-play ones), daily search and deal of the day. boom--you just accomplished 7/8! all that is left is completing a gold survey--but peanut surveys will count too!

now if i am still struggling to hit my daily goal (NEVER miss your 1st daily goal--there is too much month end bonus money attached to hitting your 1st daily goal every day of the month to ignore it.) i will visit their fb page or their reddit page to see what is working for others. i will attempt some offers, always in chrome incognito for the best chance of crediting. also if you are on public wifi try some offers--your IP will be different and you are more likely to get credits for offers.

i also subscribe to get a text for their daily bonus code--i never miss one. you can also sign up here:

i also check under 'shop' and run all my online purchases through swagbucks, which is just like ebates. you can't do both simultaneously so i check to see who has the higher percentage of cash back and then choose one.

also remember your first $25 gc reward every month costs only 2200 sbs instead of the usual 2500! this does not apply to paypal though. i take advantage of this $3 savings each month by redeeming for a walmart or amazon gc the first week of every month and then cashing out with paypal for the rest.

i started doing swagbucks in 5/2015, so about 1 1/2 yrs ago and i have made over $1500 with them--now keep in mind the first few months i wasn't really sure what i was doing and my earnings weren't that great. below shows my lifetime earning so far: $1,522.76 lifetime earnings with current earnings of $107.96. not too shabby! and i am truly only a mediocre swagbucks earner. there are people out there hitting $200-$300 or more every month but that obviously takes a lot more time and dedication than i want to give to a single site.

i will say i spend more time on swagbucks than any other single site and some days i am pulling out my hair! i probably average 30min.-1 hr. a day. this does not include the video apps or ncraves--some days i am running those for half the day slowly creeping towards my goal. other days i have a shop credit post and i am golden! i hit my 2nd goal about 50% of the time. what i love about sbs is they really make the site fun and engaging. there are almost always fun challenges going on--swago, team challenges, twitter tuesdays are just a few and they always offer bonus sbs--some for doing nothing more than clicking 'join'. check out their blog to see what fun activity is running.

swag on!
you can also sign up here:


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