Sunday, January 22

PrizeRebel: A Site To Add To Your Roster!

I love swagbucks, i easily make $100 a month from the site. i was ready to add another gpt site but wanted to choose one that it just as good as sbs, if not better. according to survey police, prizerebel is actually the top rated gpt site, rated HIGHER than swagbucks. that was enough for me and i signed up.

within 45 minutes i already hit my first goal! if you are use to navigating most gpt sites, you will easily get the hang of prizerebel--in fact most the offers and surveys are the same.

they also have bonus codes which i grab from their fb page--just like them and set it to receive all notifications.

even better, you can cash out paypal at only $5! how easy is that?

a quick TIP! with prizerebel you have to manually 'claim' your bonus when you hit it, unlike swagbucks where it automatically is awarded to you.  

anyways, so far i am really liking this site and am hoping i can also net a $100 a month here as well. as it seems a near duplicate for swagbucks, i think this is super doable.

interested? sign up here and give it a try:


  1. thanks for commenting john. this post is about prize rebel though---the same site your link goes to. i am all sorts of confused.

  2. Great post Bridget! I found you on the PR blog contest page and like how easy this site is to earn. With the daily challenge it adds interest since I'm always up to a challenge. If you want to follow me back here's my blog link.

    1. thank you martha! i will definitely follow you back. :)


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