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Thursday, July 6

Daily Goodie Box--Free Stuff for your Feedback

i actually discovered daily goodie box through a swagbucks offer. seems simple enough--sign up, get goodies and give your feedback. no shipping costs or credit card EVER NEEDED. i just signed up myself so i can't vouch for what kind of things you get or how often you receive items but people seem pleased on their fb page.

simply sign up here: and start getting your goodies! 

Monday, June 29

Zebra Pens. Make Your Statement In Writing.

What a fun company---and yes, we are talking pens here. I can't say I have had a pen put a smile on my face before but Zebra has done it. Zebra has a full line of professional writing instruments for home and office and I was able to test out their Z-Grip Ballpoint Pens in the Safari Collection.

Wednesday, May 6

NEW Renuzit Pearl Scents Review and Giveaway!


Beautiful Air by Design

Living with 2 cats and 2 boys, I am always looking for easy ways to fragrance my home. Well, Renuzit has just introduced their newest home fragrance product, Pearl Scents. I believe they did offer a similar product in the past which I never tried. I can tell you that this line is FABULOUS. I received the Blue Sky Breeze to sample and was impressed at how noticeable the scent was. I am always using various methods to fragrance my home and the Pearl Scents are very effective and very easy to use---no flames, no oils, no outlets needed!

Thursday, April 2

Dial Miracle Oil Hand Soap Bundle Giveaway!


Dial has added a new member to its Miracle Oil lineup--introducing NEW Dial 
Miracle Oil Hand Soap!

This special little hand soap is the first formula to use Micro Oil Technology which deeply hydrates and nourishes your skin yet rinses clean so your skin never feels greasy. It is the perfect partner to Dial's Miracle Oil Body Wash.

Wednesday, March 25

Purex Crystals ScentSplash Giveaway! Ends 4/7/15


Purex just keeps cranking out the newness this Spring! Today I am introducing New Purex Crystals ScentSplash in Lavender Blossom.

If this looks a bit familiar that's because it is--Purex introduced their Crystals last year that come in the solid crystal form. This product is Liquid Form. Simply add a little or a lot directly into your washer to infuse your clothes with a burst of freshness. 

Wednesday, March 18

Dial Sugar Cane Hand Soap Review and Giveaway! Ends 3/30/15

Time to review a New Dial Product and host a New Giveaway!

Dial's newest member of its hand soap family is Sugar Cane and it is part of their Boutique Collection. These soaps are not antibacterial. What they do offer are:

*Vibrant Scents


*Gentle micro-scrubbers

This soap truly does it all! It cleans like a deep cleansing soap, hydrates like a moisturizing soap and exfoliates like a scrubbing soap--all in one counter worthy bottle.

Sunday, February 22

Weight Watchers Cereal Has Arrived!

Weight Watchers has introduced its own line of cereals--5 varieties--and they are de-lish. Real fruit, whole grains and only 3-5 PointsPlus value per serving. That adds up to a smart breakfast decision! Now to be honest, I don't do the whole points thing and never have--I just like the taste and nutrition Weight Watchers had created. So much so I even grab a handful at night for a quick snack and eat them straight up!

Wednesday, January 21

Purex PowerShot Giveaway!


Well Purex has done it again! As a Purex Insider I received a full size sample to review as well as 3 coupons for a FREE full size bottle to give away to my readers! Yippee.

What makes this product unique is that it is a liquid form laundry detergent that does not require any measuring---that's right--liquid (not pod or pac) that still eliminates the need to measure out the dose.


I am a big fan of the pods because of their convenience but they usually cost more money so I am quite excited about this new product from Purex.

Wednesday, November 5

Liquid Chalkers Review


my take:

I was very excited to try these and knew they would be a hit with my boys. Although they are called liquid chalk they are more of a bright, dry erase marker that works fantastically on mirrors and windows.

Wednesday, October 8

Purex Crystals Aromatherapy Giveaway!


Stimulate your life and infuse your laundry with these soothing aromas!

Purex Crystals Aromatherapy is more than an in-wash scent booster -- it's a way to express yourself and discover new joys in life. Floral and citrus scents have been blended with aromatherapy essential oils to infuse your clothing with indulgent and refreshing aromas that revitalize your spirit.

Monday, October 6

Arm & Hammer Baking Soda!

It's back to school, back to routines and the perfect time to grab some Arm & Hammer Pure Baking Soda to keep your house clean, fresh and deodorized!

Arm yourself with ARM & HAMMER Baking Soda--the smart solution for all your BTS and cleaning challenges. It's truly the little orange box that could!

Friday, September 12

YellowBeaks Window Bird Feeder Review

Every since the weather turned cooler I am seeing TONS of birds nibbling in the feeder! seriously, several different birds are taking a quick bite just about every couple minutes. One of my cats just watches in amazement nearly the whole day. They are super quick and it's hard to take a photo but I finally succeeded!

Window Bird Feeder From Yellow Beaks
#yellowbeaks   #review

My take:

I always wanted one of these! What a great idea--to see birds up close right at your window. I love that this bird feeder is completely clear--there's not a bad view to be found. It also holds A LOT of birdseed so you won't be filling it every other day. But probably best of all, because it's suspended midair to your window--those pesky squirrels can't get to it--this perch is all for the birds! I can only imagine the excitement my cats are having when they're home alone watching this bird show.

Monday, July 28

The Best Set of Measuring Cups--by KitchenMade

KitchenMade Stainless Steel Measuring Cups-Set of 6

My take:

This just might be the perfect set of measuring cups!

Even though I have owned many sets, I have never own a set that contains more than the basic 4 measurements—this set has 6 and I love having the 2/3 and 3/4 cups. I was always taking my 1/4 c. for recipes, and measuring it 3 times—now this cup does it in one step! Moreover, the cups have marks on the outside also indicating partial measurements so even the 1 c. size has a 3/4 line marker.

Thursday, July 24

NEW Dial Coconut Water Refreshing Mango Body Wash and Giveaway!



Dial has done it again! What a great new tropical scent for summer! Hints of green coconut and tropical mango will whisk you away to an island paradise without ever leaving the shower!

Monday, July 14

Foxbrim 100% Pure Organic Argan Oil Review


My take:

Argan Oils seem to be the latest beauty craze so I was thrilled to finally try one myself. What most impressed me is how versatile this little bottle is. Nails, hair, skin, face---a few drops can be beneficial to just about every part of you!

Wednesday, June 25

Ology From Walgreens--For a Happier, Healthier Home.

Walgreens has launched a whole new line of healthier, more environmentally products called ology. in fact, you won't find any of these ingredients in the product line:
*chlorine bleach
*nonylphenol ethoxylates

Sunday, June 8

Adovia- Dead Sea Salt Soap Review

Disclosure: I got this product as part of an advertorial.

i was lucky enough to receive a sample from the manufacturer for testing and review purposes. here's the 411! this is a bar of Adovia Dead Sea Salt Soap #saltsoap. features and benefits are:

Wednesday, June 4

Influenster TLCVoxBox!

SCORE! i was lucky enough to be chosen to receive a special TLCVoxBox especially for moms. look at all the useful goodies packed inside!

first up---Avon Anew Reversalist wrinkle smoother!

Sunday, May 18


this stuff is mind blowing amazing! i have been on the electronic diffuser merry-go-round for decades now. i used bath and bodyworks wall flowers for years but the scents never lasted beyond a few days. i gave glade a chance last year but again i was so impressed the first day when my whole house was infused with wonderful fragrance and then would not detect ANYTHING 48 hrs later! i pretty much was coming to the conclusion that no one has yet mastered long lasting fragrance in an electronic diffuser.
but then i tried air wick in the baby magic scent.

Friday, May 2

herbal essence hello hydration crowdtap sampling

my first crowdtap sampling!

Trying out my new herbal essence hello hydration bodywash--compliments of #crowdtap and#TheHerbalistas

you can get on our other great product samplings too by joining crowdtap!
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