Monday, June 29

Zebra Pens. Make Your Statement In Writing.

What a fun company---and yes, we are talking pens here. I can't say I have had a pen put a smile on my face before but Zebra has done it. Zebra has a full line of professional writing instruments for home and office and I was able to test out their Z-Grip Ballpoint Pens in the Safari Collection.


Features include:

Easy Ink Glide Performance

Durable Metal Clip

Retractable (perfect for purses!)

Soft Rubber Grip

Fun Safari Designs that help support the Association of Zoos & Aquariums

Zebra even has their own entertaining quiz to discover your PENsonality.
My result?  

YOU GOT: Freak of Organizing Nature

Actually the description was more accurate than anything I have done on Buzzfeed!

Find your results here:

I love clickable pens--much less chance of getting ink on everything! The soft rubber bottom provides a comfy grip when writing. The clip is also nice to attach to a notebook so it's always handy. The safari designs just make them fun and much more easy to identify when someone swipes your pen!

Furthermore, their prizes are crazy reasonable. Right now shipping is free and if you take the quiz and share your results on social media you can earn up to 20% off your purchase!

So next time you are looking all over the house for a pen and think it might be time to stock up--think Zebra--and make your statement in writing.

I was provided a free sample in exchange for my honest review.

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  1. The above topic is good i thought that the Zebra Pen is a nice pen for writing purpose..


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