Thursday, April 30

Even More Focus Groups!

like i have said before--scoring focus groups is where the money is at. consequently, many many people are vying for a handful of slots. register for every focus group you can find to increase your odds. yes, it is a pain to fill out that initial profile but once it's done you are in their database and ready to get screeners!

Sunday, April 26 $30 Sign Up Bonus or SCAM?


did more digging and definitely do not feel good about this one. i looked up the domain 
on and it received a trust score of '0' (the lowest score possible), is based out of the ukraine, is only 2 months old and the owner of the site is using a service to hide their identity---all huge red flags. i would stay far away!!

i just discovered this site. i couldn't believe a legit survey company would be offering $30 just to sign up so i immediately signed up of course and decided to check it out.

Friday, April 24

Bing Rewards

UPDATE! sadly i have been banned from bing rewards. they detected i was using bot software. so i will say if you chose to use a bot please proceed with caution and know you many likely get banned as well. rewards are very slow without using a bot though :(

oh, how i wish i had jumped on the bing rewards train sooner! i just started 2 weeks ago and already cashed in for a $5 amazon! it's really super easy to rack up the points. bing actually pays you in points for searches! every single day. you can earn 15 pts daily for computer searches, 10 pts daily for mobile searches and then they always throw in a bonus search or two to make it fun. typically every 2 searches equals 1 pt. i immediately found this way too time consuming so i did some digging and found there are bots out there designed to do all the searching for you and they are free! i am sure it would be easy for bing to shut this practice down but i guess numbers are numbers and that is what bing is going for to irritate rival google. every morning i log in and click on the bonus search and then i use this bot site that automatically does all my searches for me! check it out here:

Monday, April 20

RewardSurvey--Get Free Magazines!

i don't know how i didn't know about this site! answer surveys that take no longer than 5 minutes and instantly be rewarded with a magazine credit. so far i have taken 4 surveys and earned $60 in magazine rewards!!! keep in mind the $60 took about only about 15 minutes of my time TOTAL. 

Wednesday, April 15

Insights Focus---Another Excellent Newbie!

don't freak out if you are unable to take the 5 minute survey after registering. it wasn't working for me and i didn't think i was fully registered but sure enough i received my first survey a few days later.

their site talks a lot about focus groups and in person tasting tests. personally, i have not been invited to any of these but i have been emailed a few high paying online surveys that definitely were worth my time. payment was almost instantaneous--through paypal.

Good Luck!

Saturday, April 11

New Dial for Kids & Baby Giveaway! Ends 4/22/15.


Dial is finally entering the babies' personal care market! With its gentle formula developed by pediatric dermatologists, Dial's Baby body + hair wash is perfect for delicate skin. Of course it is also  tear free, fragrance free and ideal for children ages 0-2.

Tuesday, April 7

Datatelligence Online

datatelligence is one of the larger survey site companies. i don't seem to score a lot of surveys from them but they do offer a good amount of product tests which always sweetens the pot.
survey incentives are average and they reward with amazon gift codes--1000 pts. equals $10 amazon. payout codes are emailed quickly as well, 72 hrs. tops. in addition, they will occasionally offer extra incentives on top of the points in the form of barnes and noble e-giftcard codes.

register here!

Thursday, April 2

Dial Miracle Oil Hand Soap Bundle Giveaway!


Dial has added a new member to its Miracle Oil lineup--introducing NEW Dial 
Miracle Oil Hand Soap!

This special little hand soap is the first formula to use Micro Oil Technology which deeply hydrates and nourishes your skin yet rinses clean so your skin never feels greasy. It is the perfect partner to Dial's Miracle Oil Body Wash.
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