Monday, April 20

RewardSurvey--Get Free Magazines!

i don't know how i didn't know about this site! answer surveys that take no longer than 5 minutes and instantly be rewarded with a magazine credit. so far i have taken 4 surveys and earned $60 in magazine rewards!!! keep in mind the $60 took about only about 15 minutes of my time TOTAL. 

i really can't believe it's this easy. i never give them my credit card information so i don't see how they can ever charge me for anything. (they also offer many magazine subscriptions for only $2 but i am leary of that offer because those require a credit card).  i have ordered Self, US Weekly, and Martha Stewart's Living--without paying a cent. delivery begins in 6-8 wks. they also have several digital versions of magazines. while they may not have the most extensive collection i have noticed their assortment does change week to week. and best yet, you can GIFT a subscription! it always asks for the recipients name and address when you place your order.

notice that some editions are in digital form only--just make sure you are getting the format you want!

i can't find anything not to like about this site.
sign up here:

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