Friday, June 26

Photogramy: Sell Your Instagram Pics For Cash!

just when i think i have capitalized on every which way to earn on the web something new emerges. introducing Photogramy---sell your instagram pics as stock photos and earn cash. it seems this site is just getting off the ground so i really don't know too much about it yet but here is what i know now--

if someone buys your photo you get 50% of what Photogramy sold it for! since i just signed up myself, i can't say how much a typical photo sells for. i do know that they are quite strict with what they will accept. i submitted 8 photos and 2 were rejected for not being sharp enough even though i thought they were perfectly focused! they also will not accept photos showing brand names or logos or if the pic shows a person that did not consent to a release.

they said they are already overstocked with photos of flowers and skies---i think they want unique pics that there would be a market or need for. no nudity though!

and in case you are wondering--you still 100% own your photos. this just allows a buyer a royalty free license for the usage of your photo.

right now i only have the 6 photos submitted and approved. i have so many more good ones just on my iPhone though and not on instagram---they say hopefully by the end of the summer they will be accepting those as well. here is the link to sign up or just take a closer look:

good luck everyone and hopefully someone will sell a few photos :)


  1. Wow! I'm gonna give this a try. Thanks, Bridget!

    1. you are so welcome Kate and good luck! they approved 6 pics so far for me---no buyers yet though. i really appreciate your comment :)


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