Sunday, May 18


this stuff is mind blowing amazing! i have been on the electronic diffuser merry-go-round for decades now. i used bath and bodyworks wall flowers for years but the scents never lasted beyond a few days. i gave glade a chance last year but again i was so impressed the first day when my whole house was infused with wonderful fragrance and then would not detect ANYTHING 48 hrs later! i pretty much was coming to the conclusion that no one has yet mastered long lasting fragrance in an electronic diffuser.
but then i tried air wick in the baby magic scent.

my house will never be the same. well, it will when they stop making these but currently i am in baby magic blissfulness. the scent goes strong for an entire month--no exaggeration! its strong, yet powdery, familiar, and just soothing.
i received a free diffuser and refill from expotv's tryology program and became so enamored with it i ran out to walmart and bought all 6 packs on the shelf! this scent is truly the first and only scent that i can fully detect from day 1 until the oil is dry.

i will also add that on a whim i also purchased another air wick scent, coconut and island palms, but alas, that one did not have the staying power.
still, i am pleased as punch with baby magic and pray they do not go away anytime soon!
has anyone else tried these?

also, here's a link for expotv if you would like to sign up for future tryology programs.


  1. When my big boys were little, I tried an Air Wick freshener for their (gross) bathroom. THEY PEED IN IT. Every time I see these I shake my head and laugh.

  2. too funny! i have 2 boys as well and yes, they sure know how to gross up a bathroom!


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