Tuesday, May 6

YES you can make $1000 a month doing surveys

no joke--it took me about a year but currently i have consistently been making over $1000 a month doing surveys, online communities, focus groups and interactive studies. it breaks down to about 35% amazon gift cards and the other 65% is either paypal, visa gift cards or checks mailed to my home. i also average about 15-20 product tests each month--most are things i would be buying anyways--dishwasher detergent, cat litter, facial products, tons of food, toilet paper--the list goes on. and some are AMAZING ones--coffee makers, vacuums, yogurt makers, bluetooth speakers.

its like christmas every day when ups or fedex pulls up!

seriously, this is possible for anyone--it just takes a lot of time online and registering with as many sites as you can. i probably belong to over 75 different sites and spend around 6-7 hrs per day mon-fri.
still it beats driving to a job, paying for daycare and being away from my kids. i can work from home, not showered, still in my pjs and entertain my toddler while i am answering survey questions and making money.
i find the weekends are slow, which is great, because i am not online as much, but mon thru thurs i really focus on doing as much as i can. it has really helped our household since i became a stay at home mom and it keeps me busy and validated. 
register with as many sites as possible! my first couple months i only made about $150 but i kept with it and every month i saw my earnings grow.

my best tips:

get a paypal account--its required for some of the best paying sites

learn what survey companies you need to respond quickly to and which ones can wait--many sites close the survey when they reach a quota, others may hold that survey for a few days.

stay organized!--know every deadline for product tests--you may be eliminated from future projects if you miss a survey feedback deadline.

keep your profiles updated. its a pain but if you keep them updated you will get more surveys!

don't wait for emails! go directly to the sites to seek available surveys. i do this at least twice a day because if you wait for an email frequently the survey can be already closed.

sign up for mobile survey sites as well--you can be making money while you are shopping.

keep track of all earnings, online focus groups and product tests as well as pending payments. you can get a good sense of how much you earn by month and see what companies are the most profitable for you.

take advantage of any 'refer a friend' incentives. 

keep a notebook and always notate any payment and any beyond 8 wks that you have to track down.

get a webcam--they are cheap (under $25 on amazon) and it opens a lot more survey and special project doors.

i highly recommend you get on twitter, instagram, pinterest, youtube and facebook. many product testing sites will highly favor you over others if you 'spread the word'. i signed up for instagram, youtube and twitter for the sole purpose of being more 'desirable' and it HAS greatly increased my offers from many sites. bonus bonus bonus points if you start a blog. even if its just for product reviews, having a blog will make you MUCH MORE attractive to product testing and review sites.


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