Friday, May 16

iPoll--they have been very good to me!

i have to say, the regular ipoll site is JUST OKAY--however, i make scores of money on their mobile site. very high paying missions---$5 - $30 for going to the grocery store and buying a specific item and then reviewing it at home. seriously, i have made over $100 just in one month. the caveat is you don't get notifications so you HAVE to look at the app daily, even twice a day to see any missions in your area. still, its super easy money and one of my most profitable apps.
as for the site itself--i don't really bother with the majority of their low paying surveys but i still check it daily for their frequent 'gut-check' focus groups. a few times a week they have 2-5 online focus groups but you have to find them on your 'available surveys' dashboard. they pay anywhere from $5-$20 and they are super easy and actually fun to do.
ipoll is a very profitable site if you are proactive and make it part of your routine to check both the pc and mobile site at least once a day for the good ones because they go fast!

click link to join!

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  1. yes, i use them everyday. i have 2 blogposts on how i make $100 each month on swagbucks.


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