Thursday, May 8

mindswarms review

mindswarms is another great site that pays extremely well and is global. you do need a webcam or video function on your phone or tablet in order to be eligible for interviews. 

mindswarms basically consists of two formats:

$50 for answering 7 questions (you watch a video tape of each question and then webcam/record your answer back)
$10 for answering 1 question (same format)

it is difficult to be picked for these. i apply to many and have only been accepted 3 times so far. what i really liked about it was my answers weren't 'live' in front of someone else across the computer. i had time to think about my answer, even taking a few notes, before i had to tape my reply. and you can always erase an answer and re-answer it.

its actually very easy money--you just have to get chosen! i find they are hit or miss with emailing new studies so its best to check the site yourself often to see whats available.

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