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The Surprising Amount I Earned Online In 2015.

another great online earning year! i keep good records of all my online earnings and for 2015 i made a grand total of:


that's $1,278.27 a month

or $42.61 a day

to further break it down:

71% cash/check/paypal:

29% giftcards(usually walmart or amazon): 

granted, this is nothing compared to when i was working full time but it is great income for a homemaker! back then i was paying $460 PER WEEK for childcare, working many nights and weekends and nearly every holiday. also add in the cost of gas, work clothes and meals. now i am making decent money and am always home for my family (but admittedly on my laptop a lot!)

i also looked up my top 15 earners for last year. now keep in mind, i belong to over 100 sites, which includes survey companies, research panels, mobile apps and online communities--some only earning me $20 over the course of a year and others earning nearly $1000. the higher paying focus groups and online communities came about through invites through my regular survey taking sites or filling out an endless amount of screeners. here are my top survey site earners for the year:

1. inspired opinions $932  (numerous focus groups)

2. surveysavvy $699.40 (must install savvyconnect to make this a big earner!)

3. swagbucks $507 (didn't even start swagbucks until july) i also suggest reading my post: 
    how i earn $75 a month on swagbucks since swagbucks can be very overwhelming!

4. perk $500 (also did not start perking until july)

5. globaltestmarket $465 (scored a few nice product tests that paid well)

6. springboard america $440 (invited to some nice studies)

7. mindswarms $425 (must be comfortable doing videos!)

8. resolution research panel $350 (lots of invokes and product tests)

9. parentspeak $232 (invited to a few projects)

10. ebates $211.14 (not really a survey site but free $ when you shop online)

11. test america $195 (survey station in local malls)

12. i-poll $173.50 (a lot of this is from their mobile app)

13. product report card $170.30 (one very high paying product test helped)

14. my soapbox $169 (scored a focus group)

15. pinecone $126 (every survey pays a flat $3)

15. TIE mintvine $126 (some invokes)

best of luck in 2016 to all my fellow online earners!

keep in mind even when totaling up my top 15 sites--it is only about 1/3 of my total earnings so focus group sites, online communities and small survey site earners (earning me less than $120 a yr/ or under $10 a month) also really add up since it amounts to nearly 2/3's of my income.

more fun facts:
my top 2 months were: November and December
my slowest 2 months were: March and April

this may be deceiving though since i record my earnings when i GET PAID rather than when i actually took the study or focus group. as far as survey sites though, i usually cash out when i hit the minimum threshold.

i also want to add that this does not include the countless test products i got to keep--i am not allowed to say brand names but i will say this year alone i received a juicer, vacuum, faucet, beer maker, comforter set, and too many beauty, personal care, cleaning, pet supply and food products to even count. i am sure the value of these items totals up several thousand dollars and many of the items i would be at the store buying anyway.

and that is my year in review! hope everyone out there also had a good year and here's to making even more in 2016!


  1. Wow I have never heard of a lot of these.. thanks for sharing!

    1. thanks so much for reading and commenting---i really appreciate it!

  2. Congrats on a great year Bridget!!! but of course now you have to start pushing to exceed that in 2016 :) Never ends!

    1. thanks friend! luckily i have beat the prior year each year so far--really hope 2016 is prosperous for all of us! you are a huge part of my success too :)

  3. This is absolutely amazing! I was just telling my husband the other day I should take surveys in free time to see if I can at least cover the cost of diapers for our twins due in July. This post has already gotten me started. Thanks for sharing your survey success!!!

    1. no problem! best of luck to you and your twins! don't give up. my first month i only earned $150 and i was very devoted--it takes time until you find your groove and what sites work best for you. :)

    2. definitely register with they don't pay but they give you tons of free diapers in exchange for your feedback of them. they have testing trials a few times a year. they would send me full packages of diapers in exchange for filling out a quick daily diary. sign up and wait for their next testing period.

  4. Anonymous6:46 PM CST

    Would love to read sometime if you combine your online earnings with rebate programs, couponing etc. I select CVS gifts cards regularly and I use their extra care bucks program along with coupons and SavingStar so I get a lot of stud for free from there. I also take gift cards for stores that offer Ibotta rebates and I can end up walking out of some mall store having been "paid" to shop.

    1. Anonymous6:47 PM CST

      I meant "stuff"!! LOL I do not get studs at CVS!

    2. yes, i do use all the rebate programs but i just can't get into couponing! i have tried a few times and i just cannot stay with it for whatever reason. i do use ibotta, checkout51, savingstar, yaarlo, savings catcher, find and save and snap. i don't really shop cvs--a lot of that stuff i buy from amazon through subscribe and save since most of my gift cards seem to be amazon. so i guess i get neither free 'studs' or 'stuff'!!! thanks for sharing :)

    3. Anonymous12:18 PM CST

      TBH it took me at least 6 months to get the hang of couponing. It requires a different approach to shopping plus you have to stockpile because of the quantities you need to buy to get rewards. I would pass on it if you don't enjoy it. Also you need to have friendly clerks and the right stores close by to make it really work.

      Happy Earnings!!!

    4. happy earnings to you as well!

  5. Bridget,

    I'm just curious how you keep track of all of your earnings and where they come from? Right now I just use a notebook and a simple spreadsheet that I created, but the spreadsheet is becoming a bit overwhelming with the number of sites that I belong to. Any tips at all?

    1. hey mariah--so funny because a bunch of us were just talking about this on paul's fb page last week. read it for some ideas and let me know if you have more questions!
      check out this post:

    2. I love Facebook, but it's so easy to miss things sometimes! Thanks for letting me know it was there.

    3. no problem--and glad you were accepted into pinecone :)

    4. It was your link that got me there actually! I've tried links from other sites, but they've all been inactive so it's really thanks to you :-)


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