Tuesday, July 1

Loreal product testing!

i love this company! join today to be a part of their consumer testing program. it's free and fun.
i joined 2 years ago and have done 6 product tests already. they send you a product (usually 2 to compare), and after 1 or 2 wks you just need to fill out a survey about it---that's it.

they don't pay you but you do get to keep the product AND they send you a bonus compensation gift which is usually multiple products and various brands outside of l'oreal. i have received lancome, kiehls, vichy and garnier items (they actually own all these brands among others)
you even get products occasionally JUST for answering informational surveys--i believe when you complete 5 informational surveys they send you a thank you package.

the downside is it can be very difficult to qualify for a product trial AND they seldom email you about a survey that's available so it's imperative you bookmark the site and check it every few days for upcoming product tests. while you do disqualify the MAJORITY of the time, you will qualify when you least expect it!


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