Thursday, July 10

OneOpinion Review

i have mixed feelings about this site. on the positive side---their customer service is second to none. prompt responses to any issues, credits made to incentive errors-- no questions asked, and probably my biggest source of Invoke interactive studies (typically 60-90 min. online sessions that pay anywhere from $20-$50).

the not so good---i never get email invites to surveys--i have to go directly to the site and have to look for them. furthermore, i disqualify for probably 85% of them---most before i even answer a single question! (thats probably why i never get invites for them!)

still, it's when i go the site searching for surveys that i also qualify for some gems, like the online interactive studies and product tests. 

i am lucky to cash out every 8 wks with them (rewards are $25 visa gift cards), but its something. one opinion is open to US residents only and they do give you $5 right off the bat for signing up!

check them out!

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