Tuesday, July 22

dscout research

dscout is truly one gem of an app. you simply apply for 'missions' and do a short screener. if chosen, you complete the mission by taking quick 30 second snippets of whatever the mission topic is.
it's free, it's fun, it's on your phone and it PAYS.

in just the few months i have downloaded the app i have been accepted to 4 missions ranging from what i eat in a typical day to what different household cleaning brands represent to me.
they honestly are the easiest and funnest studies i have done with any company. AND i have made over $200 so far with them--they are great fun and great paying.

one tip! when you decide to apply for a mission that interests you--give the most detailed and creative answers that you can--they love specifics, thoroughness  and imaginativeness. when i take the time to give a thoughtful response to the screener questions i usually get picked.

join today--trust me, you will love this app!

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