Friday, July 4

USA Talk Now Review

This canadian based site has quickly become one of my favs. they do not offer paypal but do offer amazon in $10 increments. although the surveys themselves are only average paying, they offer many focus group opportunities (which pay in cash!). better yet, the majority of the online focus group screening questions do not ask when your last focus group was so you can qualify for several within a 3 month period! i can easily qualify for at least one online project a month which can pay anywhere from $30-$75. itracks actually is behind usatalknow and they are a major online research company.

this site is another one that you can't wait for email invites. log in to your dashboard daily to see not only what surveys are available to you but also the surveys that 'you may qualify for'. look for the ones that say 'online focus group' or the word 'special' (those typically lead to product tests!)

you can also join their sister sites although many of the surveys will be duplicates. if you disqualify for a survey for one site you won't be able to try again on another but sometimes each site has unique surveys not posted on the others.

between the four sites i can easily make $20 in amazon a month plus score a focus group or two. definitely a good group of sites to join! but if you only choose one, go with USAtalknow for the multitude of special projects.

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