Wednesday, November 11

TestAmerica. Take Studies and Taste Tests at your Local Mall.

located in over 30 of the country's most popular malls, test america is an easy way to earn extra cash. check out their locations and see if there is a test america near you!


i am lucky to have a location only 10 minutes from home. i signed up to be included in their database and now they call me every month or so when a study opens up. i have had on site taste tests, take home product evaluations and simple surveys i complete at their facility. the pay is typically a check they print out right on the spot although sometimes the incentive is a gift card.

what i really like about test america is that i can even bring along my toddler and they don't say a word. he just brings his tablet (sound off) and sits quietly next to me. 

i also notice many people just pop inside while walking or shopping the mall and simply ask if there are any studies they can do real quick---they don't even wait to be called. definitely worth thinking about if you are at the mall anyway--why not make a few bucks while you are there? hopefully more test americas will open up across the country so everyone can be close to one!

you can read more at their site here:

good luck!


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