Tuesday, September 2

Ebates--I still cannot believe this site is for real!

I still cannot believe I have earned over $800 from this site--because I didn't do ANYTHING! I buy what I usually buy online--amazon, ebay, kohl's, gap, target, walmart, practically any online retailer you can think of--and i just make sure to click the ebates link before I complete my order. THAT'S IT.

And this is real cash--put in my paypal account 4 times a year. It truly is easy, free money with zero work. If you are one of the few that haven't discovered this goldmine---sign up today and starting making money while you shop!



  1. So do I have to go to the Ebates website first then to Amazon for example? Or do I just go to the regular web site Amazon, Walmart etc. and there will be an Ebates button? Where would the button be? Thanks! Danielle_oldroyd@yahoo.com

    1. greetings dani! actually you can do either. at first i would always start at ebates and then choose my retailer on their site, which would take me to that retailer. i would forget a lot though, and then kick myself because of all the money i lost! ebates does have a type of button/toolbar you can install which is fantastic because it AUTOMATICALLY attaches to the site so you don't have to ever remember to start at ebates--just go to your site and the button will have a check mark next to it indicating ebates is registering the visit. i highly recommend adding the button because then ebates does all the work for you! however, either way will work. thanx for stopping by!


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