Monday, September 29

my survey review

this survey site is a sister site of globaltestmarket, although the surveys are not as well paying or as frequent. what i do like about this site is the amount of product tests i receive and last year i qualified for a hair study that paid $280! you never know what surveys will lead to great things so you just need to trudge through them and keep your fingers crossed!

they do have lots of reward options, including paypal at just a $10 cash out which i manage to do at least once a month.
they can be a bit a glitchy though and i have had my share of surveys display an error message when i  submit them, which i rarely have been compensated for (customer service is not the most responsive).
also, many surveys offer substantial bonus points if you enable a webcam to record facial expressions when viewing an advertisement so that really helps you rack up points quicker.

here's the link to sign up!

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