Monday, September 8

Join the Viacom My Voice Community!


I just joined this community a couple months ago and it is definitely a fun place. If you are a fan of Viacom and their programs---(MTV, VH1, CMT, LOGOtv, Comedy Central, tvLand, Nickelodeon and more)--then this is a community for you!

I have already earned a $5 Amazon giftcard and the discussions, surveys and activities are easy and fun.
Activities are pretty infrequent, maybe a few each month, but you can login at anytime to interact and connect with fellow members.

If you enjoy sharing your ideas and feedback on tv shows, advertising and marketing PLUS have opportunities to earn cool swag, prizes and gift cards--then sign up now for this private community!

link for screener:


  1. Hi, I've been a member of MyVoice for awhile and wanted to know if you've been having any problems redeeming rewards? Every time I go to request a gift card it takes my points, puts a completed in my rewards history, but I've never actually received anything. Am I doing something wrong or are you just not guaranteed a reward when you exchange points?

    1. wow! i haven't redeemed any rewards there in months (the incentives seemed to have greatly decreased) but never have had a problem. you should definitely be getting awards--almost immediately. i would message joelle--she has always responded to anything i have sent her. good luck! i just tried to redeem a $5 amazon and it worked and i got my code in seconds. have you tried going under rewards and then 'view reward history' and then click on the reward to see if there is an active code there? something is definitely wrong :(

  2. I can't access the website now

  3. Hello, please help. I can't join the community. Please ask for another link

    1. unfortunately they closed registration for new members.


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