Thursday, August 28

20/20 Research Panel

this is definitely THE panel to sign up for to score a focus group. they offer tons of them, covering just about every topic imaginable. also like their FB page because i have found many more opportunities are listed there compared to what i receive in email.

of course, taking long screeners is zero fun, and you will fill MANY out trying to snag a spot, but unfortunately that's the process and you will never get chosen for any if you don't try.

i have done 3 for them so far and for one i earned $500! (my highest paid project to date). but believe me, i have probably filled out a hundred of their preliminary screeners, which will disqualify me at the end or i DO qualify- but then never hear a word back.

also an occasional occurrence is they actually do call and book you but then right before the study you get a call that the client edited down their participant list or changed some criteria so now you have been placed on 'stand by'. UGH!

you just need to never get over excited or bank on any study until it has actually commenced because there will be a lot more rejection than acceptance. i used to get so bummed when i got 'bumped' from a study but now i know there will be something new tomorrow and not to sweat it. plus the ones you actually do score will be the ones that you didn't really think you had a shot at--trust me!

sign up, stay positive, and start filling out those screeners!

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