Wednesday, November 19

What is the Personal Trainer Food Diet?


So what exactly is the Personal Trainer Food Diet Program? Based on what I am reading, it is similar to the Paleo diet, meaning if cavemen didn't eat it, we shouldn't either. It largely consists of meats, eggs, non-starchy vegetables, and nuts. 

Their website sums it up quite succinctly:

 Just ask one simple question...Is it a meat, vegetable or egg?” If so, then no worries. If its not, then avoid it.

In actuality, the program has a few more allowances--it also includes cheese and nuts.

In looking at the PTF food, I notice it largely does consist of eggs, meats, vegetables, nuts and cheeses. I do not see fruits, starchy vegetables like peas and potatoes, seafood, breads, pastas, or really anything sweet. It is very much protein based, which should help with my energy and hunger levels. And if it matters to you, their program is 98% gluten free.

I must admit I am a bread girl--a meal just doesn't seem complete to me unless I have a slice of garlic bread, or rip off a piece of chewy baguette so this will be challenging! I also eat fruit often, make smoothies and drink orange juice in the morning so that is yet another adjustment I will need to get use to. I found it strange that no fruit is included in  the program since I always considered fruit to be healthy and good for weight loss. I did some digging in their FAQ's and read this:

'We only recommend apples during weight loss mode. However you will be best off to avoid any fructose sweetened item to maximize fat burn. Fructose may be low glycemic however it will stimulate the liver forcing it to create body fat.'

Here is an illustration of how their program helps your body burn fat:

Well that is my brief overview of the diet. Next I will begin making room in my fridge and freezer and wait for my food to arrive.

As a reminder, the 28 day PersonalTrainerFood program was provided to me free of charge in exchange for my honest review.


  1. Interesting food program. I will be interested in following your progress to see how you like it and if you lose weight.

    1. thank you! i am nervous--i officially start monday!


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