Sunday, March 15

Fitdesk Review

what a great invention! being a survey taker and blogger, i am on my laptop A LOT. and that means i am sitting, docile, not burning any calories for A LOT of my day. i would go through waves of being motivated to exercise but i never stuck with it for long and truth be told, as soon as i heard my email alert notification go off, i would stop and run to see if it was anything important. let's just say i wasn't going to get in any shape with my current methods.

somehow i heard about this device--an exercise bike that doubles as a desk and knew it was made for me. what i love is that i don't have to stop working but i can get a workout done as i work.
they cost approximately $300, set up only took my husband about 40 minutes, and ever since i have used it everyday.

nice features included are a little drawer to keep small items and resistance bands if you want to work out your arms while pedaling. i only wish it had a cup holder!

the bike has a device built in that tracks calories burned, speed, distance, and time on machine. i love that i can hop off for a moment to do something and all the calculators stop as soon as i stop pedaling but then pick right back up when i start up again without me having to touch a single button. i don't know the accuracy of the calorie counter because how does it know if i am using the resistance bands or not? i would think i would be burning more calories when they were in use.

the machine is super quiet, actually takes up little space for a workout apparatus, and i feel well worth the investment.

link to check it out on amazon:

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