Monday, May 11

Field Agent Review

although i have reviewed this app before, it was awhile ago and i think it's time to talk it up again. this is one of my favorite mobile money makers.

upon initial inspection, the site seems to basically be audits at specific locations, i.e.. take a photo of the 'as seen on tv' display at walgreens.
while i do take on these 'missions' occasionally, i don't go out of my way. if i am headed to walmart anyways to shop i will check the app and see if there are any walmart missions at the location i am headed to. the missions are pretty easy but they can be sticklers for following the instructions exactly and taking a photo of exactly what they are requesting. meaning, if they say to take a picture of the section AND BE SURE IT INCLUDES WHAT PRODUCTS ARE ADJACENT TO IT, make sure your pic is large and broad enough so that it includes everything they want---or your job will be rejected and you just worked for nothing.

here is a typical job menu screen---each of these jobs pays $4 and they all look like fast food shops. if you select one it will give you more details:

so pretty easy, 5 questions and just 1 photo. definitely worth doing if you were headed there for lunch anyway! the worst part for me is always trying to not call attention to myself when trying to take pics. i always turn my sound off and try to take them when no one is looking at me.

actually, i find myself checking the app several times a day not for the shop missions but for the screener surveys. these do not require you to go anywhere but can certainly qualify you for some decent paying studies. from their screeners i have had some rather nice small appliances sent to me to test (and keep!) in exchange for an amazon review. i also have done other more involved studies that required taking some short videos of things in my house or ordering a new menu item at a restaurant---all from screener surveys.

as you can see, i have made almost $300 from this app over the past 2 years and i truly hardly ever do the actual store missions, maybe once every 2 months. the majority of my earnings have come from product tests and other special projects from their screener surveys.

so download the app, give it a shot and see what you can earn. payment is super quick and through paypal. good luck!

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