Tuesday, September 8

ProductTube--Get Paid For Making Videos.

well since EXPOtv bit the dust i have been looking for similar alternatives. heard some buzz about this site, ProductTube.

seems that you go to the site and apply for any existing projects. the projects i have seen so far seem to be 'in clusters' and quite generic so it would be easy to buy things you already use and then just do a quick video review of them. here is an example of a current open project:

basically you just choose 3 of the items, make a video and earn $20 Amazon. so far i have applied for 3 projects but haven't qualified yet--i will continue until i am successful!

recently they had a $100 incentive for an in store video but you had to live in the pacific northeast :(

i would greatly appreciate it if you used my referral code when signing up! 

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