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How I Earn $100 a Month From Swagbucks.

you probably have heard of swagbucks, they claim to be the #1 online rewards site in the world. for years i ignored them and thought it was a whole lot of work for little pay compared to other sites but i admit i have had a complete change of heart this past year.

swagbucks is fun, engaging, and offers something for everyone. i don't go crazy on the site but i have managed to create a steady monthly $75-$100 income (paypal, amazon and walmart gcs are my go-tos) for just about 30 minutes a day.

here is my simple strategy:

1. earn your 1st daily goal everyday. 

i will not stop until i hit my first point goal--it's that simple. there are too many bonus points at stake if you go all 30 days and if you miss just one day you fall back to the lower bonus tier. currently you receive bonus points at the end of the month for hitting your goal 7, 14, 21, and 30 days in a row. now if you keep pushing and earn the 2nd stretch goal you will earn even more bonus points. somedays when other things are slow i go for it but overall  i don't sweat the second goal.

2. always answer the daily poll question, daily crave and daily offers on your to do list each day.
this only adds up to 4 sbs but it's easy and a good way to start off your day. (for daily offers just hit the bottom option that says 'skip' or 'more deals' until you reach the end.)

3. check out the surveys throughout the day.

gold surveys are the highest paying and are an easy way to meet your daily goal. they go fast though so continually check for new ones--they are added throughout the day.
partner and peanut lab surveys are decent but i do not qualify for most.
i earn the majority of my points though from surveys and have even qualified for a few nice product tests! i only do surveys that are under 15 minutes too. i am always checking for easy 5-7 minute ones.

4. check their fb page for easy offers.
i am not about to sign up for trial offers or give my credit card to anyone. there are many other offers though that only require your name, email and address to earn some nice points. (you may get some spam email though) i often just look on their fb page for posts made my other members that recommend easy points rather than sorting through them all myself.

5. sign up for the swagbucks blog to receive valuable incentive information.
this is the fun factor here. swagbucks does a lot of fun things with easy to join team challenges or other incentives. every month there is something that requires no real extra effort other than signing up or hitting certain goals and then you earn bonus sbs.

6. receive notifications for the daily bonus codes.
everyday there is at least one bonus code. register for text or email notifications and never miss one. download the sb app to your phone to redeem them on the go!

7. look for this offer!
i can click this one over and over (5x a session until it says 'no longer available' and then i just wait an hour and start over). when i am within 20 pts. of my goal i rely on this offer A LOT.

8. your first $25 gc reward each month is only 2200 sbs, instead of 2500.
save $3 on your first gc each month. this doesn't work for paypal though. typically i cash in for an amazon or walmart gc as soon as i hit 2200 sbs and then redeem for paypal for my next reward.

as you may notice i don't watch the endless videos nor run them on my phone. there is a lot more earning potential on this site but i don't get too wrapped into it. this is just what works for me without me feeling i am devoting too much time and energy into the site.

should you choose to go the video route here are a few tips!

click on an easy 1 or 2 sb ncrave to begin. example:

once that is complete go back to ncrave and

find the categories with the symbol. 

once you click on one hurry and check the 'discovery mode' option. example:

now that set of videos will auto play without you needing to click 'like it' or 'not for me'. even better, run this in one browser (i use chrome) and minimize it so you can still be productive on another browser (i go back to safari).

i highly suggest you check out the reddit on sb for lots of tips and tricks and current sb topics.

give it a try and see how much you can make each month!

good luck!

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