Sunday, December 6

SurveyPolice: An Invaluable Resource.

anyone serious about making money online through surveys, product testing and focus groups definitely needs to register with surveypolice. it is often my go-to place to read reviews on sites i may be unfamiliar with. it also allows you to input what criteria you want from a site (paypal only, country etc.) and it will give you a list of sites that meet your filters. this is especially great for folks outside the US and are looking for sites they can join or people only interested in cold hard cash and not gift cards.

they continually list and update the current top rated sites along with links to join:

i also subscribe to their blog/newsletter so i am always in the know for new sites to join.
they even have an entire section devoted to GPT sites (get paid to sites) and rank those as well which i appreciate since i feel they can be more 'scammy' and 'spammy' and more difficult to discern the best companies.

if you are new to survey taking i highly recommend you start on their section called "online surveys 101"

there's lots to love about survey police. go check them out and explore the site!


  1. Anonymous2:51 PM CST

    I use SurveyPolice too - it is a really great site. Thanks for mentioning the GPT stuff. Forgot they rate that too now.

    1. i love them too---i get their newsletter and often learn about new sites i had no idea existed! so glad you took the time to stop by and comment---thanks bunches :)


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