Tuesday, March 15

Receipt Pal: Earn Rewards In A Snap!

this app that pays you back is one of the easiest ones to use--trust me. receipt pal just wants you to snap a pic of your receipt---practically any receipt. i snap pics of grocery stores, gas stations, even dr. visits! you cannot take multi pics of a single receipt so that can be a bit of a problem for long receipts. just tape it on the floor, stand on a chair and take your best steady shot. you can even send them online receipts--just forward your email confirmations from purchases! they allow you to register 3 email addresses so all online receipts must be from one of the 3 registered emails.

this will be a slow earner as most shopping apps are. it will take me about 6 months to earn a $50 gift card (i always forget to forward the online receipts though). gift cards choices include amazon, walmart, lowes, home depot, target and iTunes.


i like that i don't have to worry about cut off dates. i can just toss all my receipts in a pile and snap them all at one time every week.

receipt pal is available on iPhone and google play store. it's super user friendly and yet another way to put a bit more cash back into your pocket! 

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