Sunday, May 22

OpinionPLUS Survey Site.

i don't know if there is anything truly unique about opinionPLUS other than the fact that they automatically pay you via paypal when you reach $10--no requests necessary!

they also are global and open to anyone age 13+. also like many sites, you can go to their site directly and view all open studies. currently there is no referral program. while i don't do all the surveys sent my way, i will complete the short 5 and 10 minutes ones easily and it's always a nice surprise when you get an email they just deposited $10 into you paypal account!

register here:


  1. they usually pay the following month on the last day net 30 payment but they are legit i have taken a $27 single survey about wine lol and got paid too lol

    1. thanks for sharing Bianca! wow i would love to score a $27 survey--on wine no less :)


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