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My Easy FusionCash Strategy.

link to join: and get $5 to start!

early this year i decided i would really hit all the GPT sites to add additional income in 2017. now i already spend a lot of time on swagbucks so i didn't want to be spending a bunch of time on these new sites---i just wanted to quickly learn ways to add a bit of income each day.

fusioncash is now part of my everyday morning ritual. i make 22-25 cents every morning with minimal effort. now i realize this is a laughable amount but it adds up to over $80 a year and it takes a few clicks. when you have a lot of little money makers it adds up to thousands a year! believe me there is tons more to be earned--i just don't choose to spend anymore time on the site. here is how i quickly make my almost quarter and move on with my day.

here are my current earnings! (i am darby626)

Free Money at FusionCash!

1. sign up for daily email. worth 2 cents.
i wake up to it in my inbox. click the link, enter the captcha and done! sign up by going under 'paid to sign up'  and finding it towards the bottom.

2. click on videos from the main homepage.
there are many options here. the main point is to hit 5 cents each day so you can click the daily 15 cent 'paid to click'. it is disabled until you earn 5 cents and the daily email does not count towards it.

-click coupons (amount varies. i see it worth anywhere from 5 to 9 cents. print ONE coupon. it does not need to be anymore for it to credit even though it says 25. might as well scroll through and find one you will actually use and save even more money. sometimes it already adds coupons to your printing cart. i go through and uncheck them and then just print one i will actually be able to use. it can take up to 30 minutes to credit so be patient!

this is just letting videos run passively. this is super easy but takes more time to hit 5 cents and you can't really use your computer to be doing other things while it's running. i will do this when i jump in the shower or leave to take my kids to school. you have to hit 'play'
at the bottom of the pop up window for the second pop up to appear and start tallying.

-1/2 cent videos. yes they even have videos that can't even pay you a whole penny! the good thing is they are only 30 sec. long so you can earn quickly. usually they have 2-4 available each day.

-hypermix videos. again, these aren't always there but if they are they are usually the last item on the video screen list. the only down side is you can't use your computer for other things with this one as well.

between these options i can hit my 5 cents easily. then you can click on the 'paid to click' option on the homepage to earn your big payday of 15 cents!

once here quickly hit four topic tabs and one sponsor tab and let the timer expire.

click coupon center

click under 'finally!'

that's it! it may seem like a lot of steps but once you do it for a week you will be able to do it without thinking and it really only takes a few moments of you focusing on your computer.

check under your account and make sure all your daily clicks credited and you are done until tomorrow! yay--23 cents in the books. :)

i have already cashed out once this year and and halfway to my next check!

give fusioncash a try and make a little side money yourself! also check out my tips on other GPT sites like instagc and swagbucks. good luck!

sign up with fusion cash here and get $5 right off the bat to start!

Free Money at FusionCash!

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