Sunday, May 28

Be a Usability Tester for is a new usability site i recently discovered. sign up with your mobile phone number and get a text when they have a usability test for you.

i have only done two tests so far and both were fun, easy, and took under 5 minutes. now keep in mind the only incentives currently offered are sweeps/raffles.

it appears there are 3 ways to win:

i haven't won anything yet but i think i will continue with prism for awhile and see how it goes.
you can sign up here:

here is a snapshot of what my last test looked like:

that is all. have fun!


  1. Has there been a community invitation recently?

    1. not for me. i have only had 3 total and the last one was right around the time i made this post--so almost a month. hopefully we will see more soon!


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