Friday, October 31

Halloween Dinner!

this year i thought i would attempt a fun halloween themed dinner for the family--it always seems the boys are in such a hurry to costume up and head out trick or treating that dinner is rushed and picked at and candy ends up being their most substantial evening meal! this year i scoured pinterest and came up with some winners.

the dinner:
hot dog mummies (i added bacon bits for eyes and used pillsbury reduced fat crescent rolls)

spider meatballs (i deviated from the original recipe and just used bbq sauce in a ziploc bag for the spiders)

chili cups (used cookie cutters on the cheese: cat and witch and used pillsbury grands reduced fat biscuits)

the blue corn chips and dips are all from whole foods.

the dessert is pumpkin angel food cake with cookies and scream gelato, also from whole foods.

the drink is just 7up Ten with 8 drops of red food coloring.

here are the recipes i used:

mummy hotdogs:

spider meatballs:

chili cups:

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