Saturday, October 18

LiveWire Research Review

here is another solid survey company that you don't hear from too frequently but is still good to have in your roster.

they recently changed their rewards program and now it is through Tango--which is a bit of a pain to redeem but i still can get amazon codes. Tango actually has many options including iTunes, home depot and target among many others).

i may get a quick screener survey once a month and then if i qualify i see the subsequent survey a few weeks later. they actually pay above average, averaging $3 to $8 per survey. surveys fill up and close quickly so don't procrastinate if you receive an email!

there really is no site to visit or look at your redemptions and open surveys--it's all pretty much done through their emails. i have been a member for a few years and have only received basic surveys--no product tests or special projects.

once strange thing about them is that they do ask for your social security number when registering and you will not be paid until they have it on file. i guess it's to ensure you are legit and for tax purposes although no one is going to exceed $600 per calendar year from this site. (if you make >$600 in a year from a company they must report your earnings and by law you must submit a 1099 to them).

i do like this site though and do recommend it!
link to join:

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