Friday, January 2

Best Survey Tips

when i first started doing surveys, i did not know anything and pretty much joined every site and did every survey that came my way. i now have learned a few things.


the truth is many companies are getting cheaper with their rewards. many surveys are only worth 50 cents for 15 minutes or just $1 or 25 minutes. when you calculate the hourly wage some surveys would only average out to $3 or $4 an hour!

of course, i guess that's better than the multitude of surveys that don't even offer an incentive other than a 'sweeps or prize entry'. i quickly decided i wouldn't be doing anymore of those either.

maybe some of you have been lucky but i have yet to win any sort of prize drawing from any of the survey sites i belong to.


many sites offer surveys through various marketing companies and other survey companies--after some time you will learn which ones are worthwhile and which are not worth your time!

if i come across any survey through opinion sphere i immediately back out of it--in my experience they are the worst for asking you endless questions to only be disqualified 10 minutes in.

other ones i just don't even attempt are by GFK, yougov, harris, toluna and nielson.

when i see its a survey by reckner, russell, burke or market tools (ztelligence) i am getting excited because most of those lead to a product test.

i also noticed many of the good surveys (product tests and/or online focus discussions) are usually the very short ones--typically 3-8 minutes.

surveys by c + r, itracks, over the shoulder, and invoke are good ones that usually lead to good things!


i always cash out as soon as i reach my threshold. i have heard too many horror stories of people building up their rewards only to have their points disappear through hacking, the survey company deciding to freeze or deactivate your account or the company just going belly up and disappearing in thin air. one time i did have my account frozen by one company and all my earnings vanished. (now it was only $8 because i cash out as soon as possible). it took me over a month of continual emails and phone calls before it was reactivated and was a huge pain. i did get my $8 back but i know others that never did get their accounts reinstated so ALWAYS CASH OUT WHEN YOU CAN!

if anyone has any other tips they have learned along the way please share!


  1. Anonymous1:45 AM CDT

    I just found your blog while looking for opportunities to earn cash and am very new to this. Thank you for the info.

    1. you are so welcome! it does awhile to get up and running before you see results---keep at it and register for as many places as you can. good luck!!!!


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