Friday, January 30

AIP Online Surveys

this survey site is based out of tokyo, japan but is open to any resident of the US who is 16 yrs. of age or older.

you can expect a survey about once a month and they pay in either best buy gift cards or paypal--with the threshold to cash out only $5. payment does take awhile--expect to wait 2-3 months!

surveys are typically about technology or automobiles. the points are a bit strange and make little sense to me. some surveys are only worth 1pt. (are they serious?) and others go up the more questions you answer. so a survey might be worth 1-70 pts. depending on how many questions you qualify for. full completion of the survey would earn you 70pts. but if you disqualified on question 5 you would only earn 5 pts.

you won't get rich off this site but it's a small, consistent money maker and a change of pace from traditional survey sites.

link to sign up:

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