Thursday, February 5

Communispace and other Online Communities

getting into a communispace is always a good thing! they pay for your participation every month either in amazon or paypal provided you meet the minimum monthly participation requirements. they can last any amount of time--i have belonged to some that lasted only a few months and others for well over a year. most offer many extra projects that will earn you an additional incentive. they do only allow you to be part of one communispace at any given time though. you cannot just sign up for these--you have to be invited and pass the screener. i have received screeners from many different survey sites: I-saymy soapbox, and opinion outpost are top recruiting sites.

another form of community that has also begun appearing in full force is a niche community that does not pay its members each month but instead may offer prize drawings or occasionally a product trial. these communities do not limit how many communities you can join--you can belong to a hundred--but it can be very time consuming with no guaranteed incentive for all your hard work. i must say though i did just win the monthly $100 drawing for one of my 'non-guaranteed incentive' communities last month so it is possible!

i typically sign up initially for every one i get invited too--but after a few months of measuring the work against the chance of an incentive i usually quit the majority of them. the majority of these also are discovered through survey sites although some are do have open registration.

tip! often during the communispace screeners they will ask you how many email accounts you check regularly--always check '1' email only! even though many people have several email accounts for various reasons i found you will be automatically disqualified if you check any amount over one, probably since they assume you may be using different accounts to belong to several communispace communities and only one is allowed.


  1. How do I get invited to one?

    1. most are through regular survey sites. also like their fb page and check it often!


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