Thursday, February 19

Product Report Card Review

this is a strange little survey company. their platform is unusual since it not only is a survey panel but also a review and product comparison site. i ignore everything but the straight up surveys and have done pretty well with them.

here is an example of the reviews available--for me though it looks like a lot of work for just 50 cents, involving a minimum 500 word written review, a page of questions (many open ended) and a photo of your product. i just wait for the regular surveys they email, usually around 2 a week.

i do appreciate the 10 cents given for all disqualified surveys and i have scored a few online bulletin boards and product tests as well. cash out threshold is $25 and you can choose paypal, amazon or check.

i do notice a lot of other survey panels also channel their surveys through this site and it recognizes when i have already attempted a survey through another panel. one tip to try if you think you may have disqualified during a prior attempt but want another shot, just go under private browsing before clicking the survey link, the majority of the time it doesn't recognize you and you are good to go!

link to sign up:

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