Thursday, July 23

How I Make InboxDollars Work For Me.

i really am not a fan of gpt (get paid to) sites where legitimate surveys and free 30 day trial offers (that require a credit card) all get muddled together.

my one exception is inboxdollars. now i don't do ANY of the trial offers or endless path pseudo-surveys that require a phone number so they can spam you to death. i only do 4 things on the site:

1. click on all reward mail 
-at 2 cents per click these add up quickly and take only seconds.

2. click on every survey link (the actual surveys that are sent through email--i don't bother with the peanut lab and other very low paying ones on the site.

-note i said i CLICK on every emailed survey link (that generates a free billy spin even if you proceed no further). i will not do a 20 min. survey for 50 cents--but i click to open it just to earn my spin. i will do the 10 min. and under surveys only unless they are high paying.

3. use all of my billy spin and wins 
-these can earn you bonus cash or sweeps entries. my favorite prizes though are the 25 cents survey tokens. now your next 50 cent survey earns you 75 cents!

4. receive notifications on fb from inbox dollars so i get all the bonus codes, called WinIt codes. first like them on fb and then click under the like button and select 'get notifications'
-again, these occur a few times a week and can earn you cash occasionally but mostly sweeps entries.

by just doing these 4 things i earned $30 in 2 1/2 months. $30 is the minimum to cash out and they do take a small amount for processing (i cleared $27.18). hey it's still nearly $150 cash at the end of the year for minimal effort!

they do give you $5 just for signing up and continue to give you small bonuses if you continue on each time you cash out.

now keep in mind there are a zillion ways to earn money on this site--i don't do a fraction of what's available and that is just my approach to this site. i still think it is a fun site and will definitely continue to chug along!

also keep in mind you have to decide where to spend your sweeps entries--it's not automatic. i spend my sweep points about once a week so i don't forget about them.

give them a try and get your $5 today!

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