Wednesday, July 29

9 Grocery Apps Everyone Should Be Using

i swear i keep discovering a new grocery app every couple months! right now i am up to 9--yep it takes a few minutes to ensure i do all my scanning, checking in, and pic taking at the end of a shopping trip but every little bit adds up and when you are using 9 apps--it can add up quite quickly!

Snap by Groupon: not a big earner, items seem a bit random and uncommon. still worth a look though, especially if you buy magazines.

Ibotta: i am late to this party and i know i only scratch the surface of its earnings potential. many places to earn outside grocery stores like pet stores and even online sites. if you use my referral code, ezl4q, you will earn a bonus $1! there is a lot going on here--i keep it simple but i know i am only scratching the surface of this app's earning potential.

Walmart Savings Catcher: love how easy this one is--just scan the qr code on your receipt and the app does all the work for you, matching any competitors advertised price and crediting you the difference. some exclusions--you can read more about them here: Savings Catcher Review.

Shopkick: this one is another 'check in' app. i always collect my 'walk in' points when i enter one of the rewardable stores. now i don't go around scanning all the featured items for additional points. even so i have earned a $10 in walmart gift card for just recording my entering of places.

Checkout 51: another one that i just get nibbles on. i do like that often they have a 'create your own offer' that i am always able to redeem. catch my review here: Checkout 51 Review.

mPlaces: this one is more of a 'check in' place when you are out and about, like shopkick. TIP! i noticed when i am somewhere, say burger king, and go to do a check in, it lets me do several check ins for places surrounding me and i can rack up a few more points. lots of challenges and other earning options.

SavingsStar: just downloaded this one. seems like the others where you earn from uploading receipts but this one can also link up to your grocery card to make savings even easier. you also can shop through them online, a la Ebates Style.

ReceiptPal: this app takes practically any receipt you throw their way! i even forward all my online receipts directly to them. the only strange thing i found was you can only take one pic of a receipt, not multiple if it's long. however, they still do need you to capture the WHOLE THING so you need to put the receipt on the floor, stand on a chair, and try your best to fit it all in! they can zoom in so it's okay if it's really tiny! give them all your receipts--gas, fast food, online---you name it! i find this one the easiest to use. TIP!  add '' to your email contacts so it's super easy to just hit 'forward' on all online email receipts and receiptpal's email address will self populate once you start typing 'rec'.

ReceiptHog: this app has a few more restrictions (no gas only, no restaurants) and the value of the receipt depends on the total spent--higher dollar receipts equals higher coin rewards. use my code 'trost892' and you will earn 10 free spins on their slot machine game when you register!

good luck everyone and happy app earning!

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