Monday, August 3

Paribus--The Site That Does The Price Matching For You!

Get money back when prices drop, effortlessly!

i am continually amazed at how much is out there to save you money. introducing the newest player, Paribus. link up your email address and debit/credit card to the site and they automatically keep a running total of all your online purchases and then monitor them to see if any prices drop. if any do they get you back the difference crediting you 75% of the savings and keeping 25% as payment for their efforts. easy peasy, right?

i just joined and already got back $1.11 back for something i bought on amazon last week--and i didn't do a single once i initially set up my account. it's very satisfying to receive an email that you have money coming back to you when it's this completely passive!

here is the link to join--if you use my link then they take off 5% for EACH of us and only keep 20% of the collected savings instead of the standard 25%--it's a win-win for both of us!

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