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Wednesday, December 10

Join Gongos Consumer Village!

have you joined this fun community yet? part survey site, part community and definitely worth your time.

you will get emails for new activities a few times a month. some are quick surveys, some even quicker polls and some are projects that are more involved. you are told up front what that particular activity/survey pays and you even get a small amount if you start it but disqualify.

Monday, September 8

Join the Viacom My Voice Community!


I just joined this community a couple months ago and it is definitely a fun place. If you are a fan of Viacom and their programs---(MTV, VH1, CMT, LOGOtv, Comedy Central, tvLand, Nickelodeon and more)--then this is a community for you!

I have already earned a $5 Amazon giftcard and the discussions, surveys and activities are easy and fun.

Wednesday, August 13

Kidzeyes Research Panel Review

a survey panel for your kids! this panel is also a division of C + R Research (check out my earlier post on Parentspeak Online Community) so now both moms, dads, and their kids can take fun surveys and earn cash!
kids ages 6-12, residing in the US, are eligible. surveys are not that frequent, maybe 1-2 a month and there is no minimum threshold to request a check. surveys topics typically are about food, sports, video games or school and are usually 5-15 minutes long. my son doesn't mind them since they are usually about things that interest him and he just LOVES to give his opinion!

check them out!

Saturday, July 19

Parentspeak Online Community

i love this community/site! they are run by c + r research, a company out of chicago. you won't see very many surveys, maybe 1 or 2 a month, but they usually are screener surveys for an upcoming focus group or interactive study. so don't be so quick to brush off their $1 surveys---the MAJORITY of times they have lead to a future 60 or 90 minute session that will pay anywhere from $25-$50! even if it doesn't, often they will ask me to continue on with an extended portion of the survey and add additional incentives for 10 or 15 extra minutes.

you can request a check at anytime too--no minimum threshold. the only requirements are that you live in the US and you are a parent.

parentspeak is an online community so there is also lots going on within the site---forums, polls, open discussions etc.... participation for these activities is purely optional and non-paying but it's a nice way to meet other parents and share ideas. 

here is their link to sign up!

Tuesday, July 15

Snuggle Bear Den Community---Free To Join!

Snuggle Bear Den Community is accepting new members!
Be the first to try and discover new products, content and offers. Share your thoughts with friends to earn points, badges and more!

Sunday, May 11

Become a Purex Insider!

okay, i am a newbie here but i am loving it so far! first off, you need to have a blog to be eligible. once you have the blog it is great product tests--just submit your honest review on your blog and report it back to purex. they highly encourage giveaways and give you extra stuff as prizes. i just hosted my first giveaway and used zero clue as to what i was doing but it was super easy and free!  the site is very community based and a great place to make connections as well. highly recommend!

Invitation link to become a Purex Insider

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