Friday, July 17

Join the NEW Dial Rewards Program!
Use this unique code: 3S0CD

Now is your opportunity to join the NEW Dial Rewards Program! Explore the site, earn 
points for interactions and then spend your points on sweeps or instant wins.
The program is set to end 12/31/16 so we have only a year and a half to win! Get in now when enrollment is low to maximize your chances of winning.

Currently sweepstake prizes include $1,000 Cash, $500 Home Depot GC, and $100 Gap GC. Instant win prizes include Panera and Amazon GCs.

As a member of Purex Insiders, I was selected to share the word about this great reward program. When you join, please use my unique code so that I am credited for sharing the love and am eligible to win a prize for onboarding new members! My code is 3S0CD and you enter it right at the top where it says 'code entry'--see below:

Use this unique code: 3S0CD

Enjoy the site and best of luck with winning!!

Wednesday, July 15

Qmee: Make Money When Searching the Web!

i just discovered this app and am really liking it so far! simply download the app on your laptop or desktop (the app is still in the works for mobile phones and tablets) and you will have a 'button' with the 'Q' when successfully installed:

the Qmee button sits along side my pinterest and ebates buttons!

that's it! now when you do everyday searches you will occasionally see a sidebar pop up with additional search results--click on the one that interests you most or like me, click on the highest $ amount offered!

Saturday, July 11

Like Puzzles? Become a Product Tester for Ravensburger! Apply by 7/26/15.

do you like puzzles? want to be a product reviewer for Ravensburger, famous for their superlative 3D landmark puzzles? just apply here:

from the site:

Wednesday, July 8

Cool Work Ideas--Your Next Go-to Site.

this is a blog that i check out multiple times DAILY. and if you are serious about maximizing your online earning potential you should immediately subscribe too!

paul, who runs the site, is a great guy and tells it like it is--the good, the bad and the 'completely not worth your time'. he is always digging around and discovering new focus groups and survey companies--and never hesitates to share his finds.

moreover, he actually started a forum on the site that is more community based (think slickdeals or reddit without the egos or intimidation) where people can post their finds, ask questions or list current focus group screeners. the vibe is so inviting, approachable and merciful! i have found and qualified for  several studies just from the Cool Work Ideas Forum. definitely worth the bookmark to check for nationwide studies daily.

check it out and may the focus group be with you!

Friday, July 3

Directive Analytics Online Panel

i have been a member here for not very long. surveys are emailed and are pretty infrequent but occasionally you can score a multi-day diary and those pay at least $20.

redemption is a bit archaic--you have to send them an email to request a check and then wait 6-8 wks.--but at least it's straight up cash! there also doesn't seem to be a minimum to request out.

you won't hear much from them but i think they are still worth the registration.

Monday, June 29

Zebra Pens. Make Your Statement In Writing.

What a fun company---and yes, we are talking pens here. I can't say I have had a pen put a smile on my face before but Zebra has done it. Zebra has a full line of professional writing instruments for home and office and I was able to test out their Z-Grip Ballpoint Pens in the Safari Collection.

Friday, June 26

Photogramy: Sell Your Instagram Pics For Cash!

just when i think i have capitalized on every which way to earn on the web something new emerges. introducing Photogramy---sell your instagram pics as stock photos and earn cash. it seems this site is just getting off the ground so i really don't know too much about it yet but here is what i know now--

Monday, June 22

focus groups 3rd round!

you know the drill--even though it is a pain, register for every single online focus group you can find!  the truth is many will apply, few will score the project. you just need to get inside all of their databases so the odds are in your favor of finding the studies that you are the perfect fit for.  if you haven't already, check out my other postings of solid research panels to join! good luck to all!

focus groups round 2
focus groups round 1

Friday, June 19

YouSay! Survey Review


here is yet another newer survey site to join. while nothing truly differentiates yousay! from all the others, this site does give you 100 pts. for every disqualification which is most definitely on the high side. plus you instantly get a $5 sign up bonus which is already 1/3 of your redemption threshold! they also offer an app for apple and android to take surveys on the go.

when you hit 15,000 pts. you can redeem for a $15 paypal deposit. payment is pretty quick too. here is the link to join:

Monday, June 15

Join the Purell Loyalty Program and Earn Gift Cards!


i am very late to this party but i just started it and really find it an easy way to earn rewards. i bookmark the site and every morning i quickly hit all the point earning links on the front page and then hit 'earn more' at the top of the page and complete those on the second page. takes 2 minutes and earns me 500 pts. daily. they do cap you out at 5,000 pts a month so you only have to visit the site 10 days out of the month to earn maximum pts.  25,000 pts. earns you a $10 gift card so not the greatest but it's something. there are also purell products for lesser point amounts. i have only been doing this for a couple weeks but i think i will stick with it for now and really enjoy that gift card once earned!

Wednesday, June 10

Brand Institute Review

i have been a member of brand institute for a few years now. they are truly geared towards individuals in the medical field, but even so, i get invites from them at least monthly. since i have zero medical background the majority of my surveys involve naming a new pharmaceutical and the pay always ranges between $2 and $8. sometimes the surveys can drag and all the proposed names can start to sound the same. they pay paypal and you know quickly if you are disqualified so you never feel you wasted your time with them.

i am sure anyone in the healthcare/medical field could really clean up on this site. they also offer a VIP status (which i am) that offers additional perks like being notified first of survey opportunities, being able to refer friends and being able to go directly to the site to view any open surveys. the process of becoming a VIP involves completing a questionnaire and emailing them a copy of your drivers license/ID (which i found unusual but still complied).

paypal payment does take several weeks-- so much so, you forgot you even took the survey and it's a nice surprise! definitely a departure from traditional survey sites and worth the registration. many countries outside the USA are also accepted.

Sunday, June 7

The Easiest and Best Cure for Hiccups


on a completely unrelated subject, i truly have found THE CURE for hiccups and it couldn't be easier.

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